Comprehensive Guide: Resolving Google Sheets Printing Issues

Encountering printing errors with Google Sheets can be a source of frustration for many users. To help you swiftly and effectively overcome this issue, we’ve updated our troubleshooting guide to ensure compatibility and efficiency in your workflow. If our guide assists you in resolving the Google Sheets not printing error, we’d appreciate you sharing this information to help others experience the same ease of resolution.

Detailed Solutions to Tackle Google Sheets Printing Problems

Below, we delve into several methods to address impediments when Google Sheets refuses to print. It’s important to consider potential conflicts with your internet browser or printer settings that may cause such disruptions.

Browser Extension Interference

Browser plugins, particularly ad blockers, can inadvertently block Google Sheets from communicating with your printer. Disabling these extensions might resolve the problem:

In Google Chrome:

  • Enter chrome://extensions in the Chrome address bar and press Enter to reveal installed extensions.
  • Toggle off the extensions by clicking the corresponding switch, thereby deactivating them.
  • Afterward, attempt to print your Google Sheets document again to verify if the issue has been resolved.

In Mozilla Firefox:

  • Access add-ons by clicking the three horizontal lines in Firefox, then selecting “Add-ons.”
  • Alternatively, type about:addons into the address bar and hit Enter.
  • In add-on settings, disable the unwanted extensions by clicking the “Disable” button.

Switch Browsers

If Google Sheets printing is problematic in your current browser, for instance, Chrome, trying an alternative browser like Firefox, Edge, or another might circumvent the issue.

Private Browsing/Test

Browser extensions are typically inactive in incognito or private mode. Therefore, if you suspect extensions are the cause, initiate incognito mode to test printing. For Chrome, this is achieved with Ctrl + Shift + N or by selecting “New Incognito Window” from the browser menu.

Troubleshooting Tools in Windows

Windows includes troubleshooting utilities meant to rectify system-related errors. To deploy these tools:

  • Open Settings with Windows + I, then search for “Find and fix printing problems.”
  • Input the administrator password if prompted.
  • In the troubleshooter, select “Apply repairs automatically” and click “Next” to initiate repairs.

Export to PDF

As a final resort, if printing directly from Google Sheets fails, convert the sheet to a PDF first:

Open the problematic Google Sheets file and go to File > Download > PDF Document (.pdf). Open the downloaded PDF and use the print function within your PDF viewer.

Conclusion: Overcoming Google Sheets Printing Hurdles

This guide aims to provide you with actionable solutions to the “Google Sheets not printing” issue. We welcome any further queries through our contact forum should you require additional support. Sharing this guide with your network is the best compliment if it has proven beneficial to you.


Q: What should I do if Google Sheets is not responding to print commands?

A: Follow the troubleshooting steps provided, including disabling browser extensions, switching browsers, using incognito mode, running the Windows Troubleshooting tool, and converting the sheet to a PDF format.

Q: How can I prevent printing issues in Google Sheets in the future?

A: Keep your browser up-to-date, manage your extensions wisely, and regularly check printer settings to avert potential future issues with Google Sheets printing.

Keep in mind that technologies and troubleshooting methods evolve over time, so some details provided here might need updating according to new updates or software releases.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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