Resolving the ‘HEIC Not Supported’ Issue on Your Devices

If you’ve ever encountered the ‘HEIC not supported’ message, you know how frustrating it can be. This guide will walk you through simple solutions to overcome this common hurdle and ensure that you can view your HEIC images effortlessly across various devices.

Whether you’re using a computer that doesn’t recognize the HEIC file format or trying to share your photos with friends who can’t open them, there’s no need to worry. We’ll explore proven methods for resolving compatibility issues and converting HEIC files to more widely supported formats.

Additionally, we’ll examine how to update your devices and software to natively support HEIC files, ensuring that you stay ahead with the latest technology like Windows 10, 11, or the iPhone 13 series and beyond.

Understanding the HEIC Format

HEIC, or High Efficiency Image File Format, is an innovative format that offers quality images at a fraction of the file size compared to its predecessors like JPEG. However, it’s not universally compatible with all devices or software. Let’s delve into solving this ‘HEIC not supported’ quandary, so you never have to stumble upon a non-viewable image again.

Simple Solutions to Convert HEIC Files

One practical workaround is using built-in converters or third-party software to change your HEIC files into a format that’s more recognizable, such as JPEG or PNG. This allows for easy sharing and viewing across diverse platforms. We’ll detail easy-to-follow steps for converting your files seamlessly.

Ensuring Compatibility with HEIC Files

It’s also essential to check for software updates, as newer versions often support HEIC directly. This could include updating your operating system to the latest edition, ensuring you’re using the most current version applicable for your device, which might be Windows 11 or macOS Monterey. Similarly, staying updated with your smartphone’s OS can alleviate this issue, so make sure you’re not running on an outdated version, such as iPhone 8’s initial iOS but rather iOS 15 or later.


We’ve gone through various techniques to tackle the ‘HEIC not supported’ issue, from converting files to upgrading your software. Now, armed with these strategies, you should be able to enjoy your images across all platforms with ease and share them without any hiccups.


Q: What is a HEIC file, and why am I unable to open it on my device?

A: HEIC is a newer image format that offers better compression than traditional formats like JPEG. If your device or software is outdated, it may not yet support HEIC files. Updating your operating system or using a file converter can solve this problem.

Q: Is there a way to view HEIC images on older operating systems, such as Windows 8?

A: Yes, you can view HEIC images on older systems by using third-party software to convert the HEIC files to a more compatible format like JPEG, or by downloading specific HEIC extension viewers that may be available for your system. However, it’s recommended to upgrade to a newer operating system, such as Windows 10 or 11, for native support.

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