Troubleshooting Face ID on the Latest iPhone

Encountering issues with Face ID on your iPhone can be disheartening, but stay calm! We’ve got a suite of practical steps to help you resolve the ‘Face ID Not Working’ conundrum efficiently.

Verify Your iPhone’s Face ID Configuration

Begin your troubleshooting journey with a quick peek at the Face ID settings. On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and authenticate. Make sure options for iPhone Unlock, Apple Pay, iTunes & App Store, and Safari AutoFill are toggled on if they’re applicable to your usage.

Authorize Face ID Usage for Third-party Apps

Some apps—like banking or secure messaging services—rely on Face ID for secure access. If you initially declined Face ID permissions for these apps, you’ll be prompted for your passcode instead. Rectify this by heading to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and scrolling down to ‘Other Apps’ to adjust permissions.

Clean Face ID Components and Remove Blockages

To ensure optimal functionality, gently wipe the top-notch area of your iPhone with a lint-free cloth, focusing on the TrueDepth camera system. Debris or screen protectors can obscure these sensors, so it’s smart to eliminate any potential physical interferences.

Unobstructed Face Recognition

Face ID necessitates a clear line of sight to your visage; wearing a mask, hefty sunglasses, or other facial coverings can stymie its efforts. If apparel is non-negotiable, a passcode may be your only recourse, though certain models may allow Face ID with a paired and authenticated Apple Watch.

Proper Handling for Effective Face ID Authentication

The TrueDepth camera needs your iPhone to be in portrait orientation for successful Face ID scanning—unlike iPads which offer additional flexibility. Hold your device naturally in front of your face, avoiding awkward angles and extreme distances for smooth face recognition.

Reboot Your iPhone

Give your iPhone a fresh start by rebooting it. This time-tested approach can snap your Face ID back to attention, affording you the chance to recalibrate any momentarily unresponsive tech elements.

Install the Latest iOS Updates

Keeping your iPhone’s operating system up to date is key to ironing out bugs that might impede Face ID. Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update to get your hands on the latest enhancements and security updates.

Resort to Resetting All Settings

If you’ve exhausted all other avenues, it’s time to reset your iPhone’s settings. This measure is a bit more drastic, yet it doesn’t compromise your personal data like photos or apps. It simply reboots all altered settings back to factory defaults—a clean slate to start anew.


Q: How can I remedy my iPhone’s Face ID recognition problems?

A: Address Face ID issues by confirming settings, granting app permissions, cleaning the camera area, ensuring your face is visible, holding the device correctly, performing a restart, updating iOS, or, as a last resort, resetting all settings on the device.

Q: After trying all solutions, why is my iPhone’s Face ID still inactive?

A: Should the issue persist, it’s possible that a hardware issue with the TrueDepth camera is to blame. In such a case, reaching out to Apple Support or scheduling a visit to an Apple Store is advisable.

Q: Is a full iPhone reset required to fix Face ID?

A: No, an entire reset of your iPhone is generally unnecessary. Prior to taking such a step, test out other suggested solutions like configuration checks, software updates, and setting adjustments.

Q: What’s the aftermath of resetting all settings on my iPhone?

A: Opting to reset all settings will revert your device’s system preferences to default, such as network settings, but won’t erase content like photos, music, and apps.

Concluding Thoughts

While issues with Face ID can be nettlesome, the strategies outlined above often provide relief. Regular settings reviews, clean sensors, and up-to-date software, coupled with correct handling, should keep face recognition running smoothly.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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