Troubleshooting Keyboard Issues: Correcting Double Typing in Windows

Experiencing the annoyance of your keyboard inputting multiple characters with a single key press can be a significant disruption. This article offers a comprehensive guide on resolving this common issue for users of the latest version of Windows.

Simple Preliminary Solutions for Keyboard Double Typing

A quick system reboot could be the magic wand for minor glitches, including keyboard malfunctions. Always consider this as your first line of action.

Over time, a keyboard may gather dust and particles that interfere with its operation, making cleaning a potential simple fix, particularly for classic mechanical keyboards. In case of a USB keyboard, verifying the integrity of the connection by swapping USB ports can sometimes solve the problem.

Strategies to Rectify Keyboard Double Typing

Should the issue persist after trying quick fixes, explore these more extensive solutions:

Activate the Windows Keyboard Troubleshooter

Windows comes equipped with a troubleshooter designed to resolve hardware complications. Here is how to use it:

  • Click the Start button, select Settings (or use Win + I as a shortcut).
  • Navigate to Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Additional troubleshooters.
  • Locate the ‘Keyboard’ option within the ‘Find and fix other problems’ area and proceed with the troubleshooter.
  • Follow the on-screen guidance to complete the process.

Utilize the Windows Security Tool

Another way to address keyboard functionality issues is by scanning for possible threats that could be influencing its behavior:

  • Head to Settings, then to Update & Security.
  • Select Windows Security from the left-side menu, then ‘Open Windows Security’ followed by ‘Virus and threat protection’.
  • Initiate a Quick Scan and allow Windows to neutralize potential threats.
  • Evaluate if the keyboard performance has improved post-scan.

Refresh Keyboard Driver

An outdated or impaired keyboard driver might be the root of the issue, consider updating it:

  • Access the Device Manager by right-clicking the Start button.
  • Expand the keyboard category.
  • Right-click your keyboard listed and choose ‘Update Driver.’

If the driver isn’t readily available, search for your keyboard model on the manufacturer’s website for the latest driver.

Examine Windows Language Settings

On occasion, Windows may not correctly identify the preferred input language, which can lead to typing anomalies. Ensure that your preferred language settings are correct:

  • Access Settings, then Time & Language > Language keyboard.
  • Modify the language settings to match your preference in the Override Section.

Minimize potential keyboard confusion by removing any unused language packs or input methods via the Language menu found in the steps above, then select ‘Remove’ on unnecessary languages.

Modify Keyboard Repeat Settings

Another Windows feature allows for altering the keyboard repeat delay, minimizing unwanted repeat keystrokes:

  • Search for and select the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • Switch the View By option to ‘Large Icons’ or ‘Small Icons.’
  • Enter the Keyboard properties from this menu.
  • Adjust the settings as necessary and remember to ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ to save changes.


What induces a keyboard to type multiple characters?

A variety of factors, such as dust buildup, out-of-date drivers, unwanted software, incorrect configuration or damaged hardware, can trigger this error.

Is a keyboard replacement essential if it types duplicates?

Not initially. Employ the various solutions suggested here before considering hardware replacement.


Despite the inconvenience of a keyboard that types multiple letters at once, the issue is usually resolvable through a range of corrective actions, from instant fixes to more detailed troubleshooting steps. Follow the guidance in this article systematically, and you are well on your way to restoring optimal keyboard functionality.

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Editorial Staff
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