Resolving the ‘Livekernelevent Error Code 193’ on Windows

Encountering errors on your Windows PC can be frustrating, especially when you’re unsure of the cause. The ‘Livekernelevent Error Code 193’ is one such perplexing issue that can lead to your computer freezing unexpectedly. This comprehensive guide aims to simplify the troubleshooting process and help you resolve the error in no time.

Understanding ‘Livekernelevent Error Code 193’ on Windows

Users have reported their Windows PCs freezing up after being left idle, with the screen going off as if in sleep mode and refusing to wake up. The mysterious ‘Livekernelevent Error Code 193’ usually shows up in the event viewer logs following these incidents. This error is not confined to a specific version of Windows—you might come across it on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

Potential Causes and Solutions

Several factors can trigger this error, from hardware inconsistency to outdated drivers. Identifying the cause is the first step towards a solution. Here are some potential causes and how to address them:

  • Hardware Inconsistency: Connecting a new peripheral device to your Windows PC can sometimes prompt an error. This is particularly true for new external drives.
  • VPN Incompatibility: If your system crashes as you start your Windows PC, an incompatible VPN could be the culprit. Removing the problematic software might stabilize your system.
  • Out-of-date Chipset Driver: An old chipset driver might not play well with recent Windows updates. You should update your chipset drivers to the latest version recommended for your system.
  • Dual Band Wireless Driver Issues: The Livekernelevent 193 error can sometimes be tied to outdated or corrupt Wi-Fi drivers. Updating them might resolve the issue.
  • System File Corruption: In severe cases, system file corruption can cause instability. Running system file checks could help repair these files.

Utilize the built-in hardware and device troubleshooter to help identify and fix the error:

  1. Press Win + R keys, type ms-settings:troubleshoot, and hit Enter to access the troubleshooter.
  2. In the Troubleshooting section, select additional troubleshooters.
  3. Find the ‘Hardware and Devices’ troubleshooter, expand it, and click ‘Run the troubleshooter’.
  4. Follow any prompts or instructions to address the detected issues.
  5. If the troubleshooter suggests a fix, apply it and reboot your computer.
  6. Confirm if the error has been resolved after a system restart.


With the proper steps, the ‘Livekernelevent Error Code 193’ can often be resolved without too much hassle. Use this guide as your roadmap to restoring your Windows PC to its optimal state.

FAQs Regarding Error Code 193 on Windows PCs

Q: What should I do if the troubleshooter doesn’t resolve the error?

A: If the troubleshooter isn’t helpful, consider updating your device drivers manually, scanning your system for malware, or performing a system restore to a previous stable state.

Q: Can this error lead to hardware damage?

A: While the error itself is unlikely to cause hardware damage, the underlying issue, if related to hardware, may need attention to prevent potential harm.

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