Keeping Your Mac Wallpaper Consistent After Restart

Encountering the perplexing issue where your Mac’s wallpaper reverts to a previous image upon reboot can be baffling. Fortunately, there are effective strategies to ensure your chosen backdrop remains steadfast—even after recent macOS updates have jumbled the feature for many users.

Commonly observed after upgrading to the latest versions, such as macOS Monterey or newer, your Mac may display an older wallpaper set before the update, instead of the one you meticulously chose. This guide will walk you through a simple fix to keep your backdrop consistent across sessions.

Simple Steps to Secure Your Mac’s Wallpaper Choice

  • Power on your Mac and any connected displays, ensuring all screens are active and the laptop lid is open.
  • Detached any secondary monitors by disconnecting the HDMI, USB-C, or Thunderbolt cables from your Mac.
  • Go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver and reselect your preferred wallpaper.
  • Shut down your Mac completely.
  • Power up your Mac once more without the additional displays connected.
  • After logging in and arriving at the desktop, you may now reattach your secondary displays.

By following these instructions, your selected wallpaper should persist through restarts, giving you a more personal and stable user experience.

Guidance for Persistent Mac Wallpaper Settings

  • Why does my Mac wallpaper revert after a restart? macOS updates, particularly post-Monterey versions, have introduced a glitch where the wallpaper might reset to a default or previously selected image. This issue can be resolved by temporarily disconnecting external monitors and resetting the wallpaper, as described above.
  • Is there a self-service solution for the Mac wallpaper resetting problem? Absolutely! Our guide provides detailed steps to resolve the wallpaper issue on your own. If complications arise, support is readily available. Do not hesitate to reach out for professional assistance.


With these straightforward instructions, you can take control of your Mac’s desktop appearance and prevent unwanted changes after restarts. Enjoy a seamless, personalized computing environment tailored to your visual preferences.


Q: How can I prevent my Mac’s wallpaper from changing when connected to an external monitor?

A: To avoid unintended wallpaper changes, disconnect your external monitor before setting your wallpaper, restart the Mac, and then reconnect the monitor.

Q: Will these steps work on all Mac computers?

A: The provided solution is generally effective across a wide range of Mac models, especially those running macOS Monterey or later versions.

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