Effective Methods to Resolve ‘Memory Leak on Windows 11 PC’

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Understanding and Fixing the Memory Leak Issue in Windows 11

With the advent of Windows 11, Microsoft has generated considerable excitement. While many are eagerly upgrading to this new OS, some users encounter unexpected errors. One such prevalent problem is a ‘memory leak’ within Windows 11, as highlighted by discussions on platforms like Reddit. In layman’s terms, a memory leak happens when a program incorrectly manages its use of memory resources, resulting in poorer system performance and potential system freezes.

For instance, users may observe that even after closing and reopening File Explorer, the RAM usage does not decrease; rather, it tends to soar higher. A temporary remedy is to restart File Explorer through the Task Manager. In severe cases, it might even be necessary to reboot the entire system to prevent the memory leak from escalating and freezing the PC.

Diagnosing a Memory Leak on Your PC

To discover if your Windows 11 system is suffering from a memory leak, press Win + R, type ‘resmon’, and hit Enter. This action opens the Resource Monitor, where you can monitor your PC’s RAM usage. Check the Memory tab, sorting by ‘Commit (KB)’ to see the processes using most of the physical memory. Ensure that the total physical memory shown corresponds with your system’s actual RAM; if not, the issue might be hardware-related.

Possible Workarounds

If reverting to Windows 10 is an option you consider viable, know that this option is available via the Windows Update settings for a period of 10 days following the upgrade to Windows 11. After this timeframe, the previous OS version is usually deleted to clear space.

To manually free up RAM, press Ctrl + Alt + Del or right-click the Windows logo on your taskbar to open Task Manager. Locate Windows Explorer among the Processes, right-click, and choose Restart. While this is a temporary solution, it should release the memory resources presently being held up by the system for the time being.

Conclusion: Tackling the Memory Leak Conundrum

Understanding and resolving a memory leak in Windows 11 is crucial for maintaining optimal system performance. Utilize our guide, Effective Methods to Resolve ‘Memory Leak on Windows 11 PC’, to troubleshoot and amend this persistent issue. For further queries or if you seek more information, don’t hesitate to reach out through the contact section. Sharing this knowledge with your circle will also contribute to our motivation and support.


Q: What exactly is a memory leak, and how does it affect my Windows 11 PC?

A: A memory leak refers to a situation where a program consumes more memory than necessary and doesn’t release it back to the system. This can slow down your PC and, in severe cases, lead to a complete system freeze.

Q: How can I prevent memory leaks from occurring on my computer?

A: Regular updates to your operating system and running programs, as well as monitoring and managing running processes through Task Manager, can help prevent memory leaks. Additionally, consider using software to automatically manage memory for optimal performance.

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