Effective Solutions for Resolving Microsoft Edge Hijack on Windows 11

Encountering a hijacked web browser can be quite alarming, but this guide aims to provide simple and effective solutions to regain control of Microsoft Edge on your Windows 11 system. Let’s step through the methods to restore your web browsing experience to normalcy.

Understanding the Microsoft Edge Hijack issue

Microsoft Edge has evolved from its debut in Windows 10 to a more refined and feature-rich browser accompanying Windows 11. Despite its enhancements, users may sometimes face a situation where Microsoft Edge seems compromised by an unwelcome page, often masquerading as a security alert asking for personal intervention. This can be misleading and is usually a result of inadvertently accessing a deceptive website.

However, there’s no need to panic. The issue typically doesn’t stem from a virus or malware but from a persistent page setting within the browser. You’ll learn how to rectify this problem and get back to a secure browsing environment in the following paragraphs.

Steps to Reclaim Microsoft Edge on Windows 11

  1. Initiate Airplane Mode
  2. Disable your Internet Access
  3. Quickly Open a New Tab
  4. Launch a Favorite Website
  5. Purge Edge’s Cache

1. Initiate Airplane Mode

If you find your Microsoft Edge browser hijacked, activating Airplane mode is a good start. Simply click the network icon in the Taskbar and select ‘Airplane mode.’ With this mode on, open Edge, attempt to close the hijacked tab, then close Edge itself. Disable Airplane mode afterward, and Edge should function normally.

2. Disable Your Internet Access

  • Start Edge and access the settings through the ‘more’ icon in the upper-right corner.
  • In the ‘Open With’ settings, choose ‘A specific page or pages,’ select the ‘Custom’ option, and input your preferred page’s address.
  • Add the page using the ‘plus’ icon. Make sure your chosen home page is prioritized in the list, or remove other pages to avoid confusion.

3. Quickly Open a New Tab

To circumvent the hijacking, act swiftly to open a new tab by clicking the ‘New tab’ button as soon as Edge launches. If successful, you can close the offending tab without issue.

4. Launch a Favorite Website

While Edge might repeatedly display the unwanted message, you can bypass it by loading one of your favorites. Access the ‘Favorites’ folder in your user directory and launch a saved website, which will open in Edge. You can then close the hijacked tab permanently.

5. Purge Edge’s Cache

  • Open Edge and spam ‘Ctrl + T’ to trigger a new tab; with some persistence, the error message should cease to appear.
  • Proceed to close the troubling tab.
  • Head to the ‘More’ icon for settings, and under ‘Clear browsing data,’ select ‘Choose what to clear.’
  • Tick options for ‘Browsing history,’ ‘Cookies and saved website data,’ ‘Cached data’ and files, and confirm with ‘Clear.’
  • Restart Edge post-clearance, which should resolve your problem.

Concluding Thoughts on Microsoft Edge Hijacking Resolution

Overcoming a hijacked Microsoft Edge browser is more straightforward than it appears, even in the fresh interface of Windows 11. With the steps outlined above, you’re well-equipped to tackle such a scenario without compromising your data’s safety or your peace of mind.


Q: What initial step should I take if my Edge browser seems to be hijacked?

A: First, try activating Airplane mode on your device to stop all communications, which may prevent the hijacked page from loading.

Q: How can clearing cache help with a hijacked browser?

A: Clearing the cache removes stored data that could be causing the browser to repeatedly open the hijacked page.

Remember, staying updated and cautious when browsing helps prevent such occurrences in the future. Should you need further advice or encounter different issues, feel free to seek out more articles or help resources related to Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge.

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