Troubleshooting Skype Translator Issues on Desktop and Mobile Devices

Skype’s translator feature is a groundbreaking tool that has bridged communication gaps around the world. If you find yourself in a bind with this feature not operating as it should, do not worry. Here we present three practical solutions to remedy the situation and get you back to seamless conversations.

Initiate Another Translator Request

Occasionally, a hiccup in a specific chat may cause the translation feature to not function properly. A fresh translator request might be all you need:

For Desktop Users:

  • Open Skype and right-click on the chat you’re having translation issues with.
  • Click “View Profile” then navigate to the bottom of the profile page.
  • Click on “Resend Translation Request.”

For Smartphone Users:

  • Tap and hold the problematic conversation, then choose “View Profile.”
  • At the bottom of the page, tap “Resend Translation Request.”

Repair or Reset the Skype Application

If resending the translator request doesn’t resolve your issue, consider repairing or resetting the Skype app:

On Windows:

  • Navigate to “Settings,” then “Apps,” and search for Skype in the “Apps & Features” section.
  • Select the app, click on “Advanced options,” and try the “Repair” feature.
  • If the problem remains, click “Reset” to reinstall Skype while keeping your personal files and data.

On Android:

  • Head to “Settings,” find “Apps & notifications,” then select “See all apps.”
  • Scroll to Skype, tap on it, and choose “Storage & cache.”
  • Use “Clear storage” to reset the app – this might erase data, so proceed with caution.

Ensure Your App is Up-to-Date

Sometimes, all it takes to fix technical issues is an update to the latest app version, which often brings bug fixes and enhancements.


Q: Is Skype free for all types of calls?

A: No, Skype offers free voice and video calls between users, but calls to traditional phone numbers may require Skype Credit or a subscription.

Q: What’s the process of updating Skype to a newer version?

A: To update Skype, you should access the “Help & Feedback” area on desktops or “Settings” on mobile devices and select the “Check for updates” option.

Q: How extensive is Skype’s language translation capability?

A: Skype currently supports translation for 11 spoken languages and over 60 languages for instant messaging.

Q: Can I use Skype without the app?

A: Yes, Skype can also be accessed via a browser through its web version, so download is not a necessity.


We trust that these steps have been instrumental in addressing your concerns with the Skype Translator on both PC and mobile devices. Try these methods out, and continue engaging in your global conversations with clarity and ease.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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