Proven Methods for Resolving Spotify Lock Screen Glitches on Android Devices

Spotify aficionados often encounter an irksome glitch that prevents the app from functioning on their Android device’s lock screen. This minor yet nagging issue has persisted despite numerous complaints. Fear not, as we have diligently researched and compiled a host of effective remedies designed to resolve this inconvenience and restore your lock screen’s Spotify controls. Journey through these steps to eliminate the ‘Spotify Not Working on Lock Screen’ conundrum.

Unlocking the Mystery: Steps to Revive Spotify’s Lock Screen Functionality

The music streaming giant, Spotify, boasts a whopping 365 million users globally, a testament to its immense popularity. Notwithstanding, even the most successful platforms aren’t impervious to glitches. Although Spotify’s team hasn’t issued a formal fix, the ensuing insights offer a variety of potential fixes to surmount the lock screen hurdle.

Essential FAQs for Smooth Streaming

1. How Can I Refresh My Spotify Session by Signing Out and In?

To rejuvenate your Spotify experience, navigate to your account settings by selecting the cog icon at the top-right corner. Scroll to ‘Sign Out’ and tap. Then, re-enter the Spotify realm using your credentials or by connecting with Facebook.

2. What’s the Process for Inspecting and Managing Sleeping Apps on My Device?

Browse to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Device Care.’ Next, choose ‘Battery’ followed by ‘App Power Management.’ Here, ‘Sleeping Apps’ will list Spotify if it’s in hibernation mode. Press and sustain your tap on Spotify, then select ‘Remove’ to wake it up.

3. Can You Guide Me Through Disabling Face Widgets?

To adjust this setting, enter your device’s ‘Settings,’ tap ‘Lock Screen,’ and proceed to ‘Face Widgets.’ Deactivate ‘Music,’ and Spotify should resume its melody on your lock screen.

4. How Do I Turn Off Battery Optimization for Spotify?

Head over to ‘Settings,’ choose ‘Apps,’ and locate ‘Special Access’ in the submenu. Select ‘Optimize Battery Usage,’ ensure ‘All’ apps are displayed, scroll to Spotify, and toggle off its battery optimization feature.

Conclusive Insights

Armed with these seven solutions, the ‘Spotify Not Working on Lock Screen’ issue should swiftly become a figment of the past. Should these steps fail to hit the right note, don’t hesitate to reach out for further assistance via our contact form.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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