Troubleshooting Tips for When Your PC Gets Stuck on the Windows Welcome Screen

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as powering up your PC and finding yourself stuck at the Windows welcome screen. This hindrance can disrupt your workflow and may seem difficult to fix, but fear not! Let’s explore solutions to liberate your computer from this limbo.

Understanding the Windows Startup Freeze

The Windows welcome screen is expected to be a brief stop before accessing the plethora of features and files on your PC. However, if your system hangs on this screen, you’re effectively locked out. This stall could be due to anything from a recent update gone wrong to a deeper software issue that needs addressing.

Take heart; whether you’re facing this issue on Windows 10 or the latest Windows 11, the underlying principles to tackle the problem remain similar. Let’s delve into some actions you can take to overcome this hurdle.

Solutions to Fix a Windows System Stuck at the Welcome Screen

Initiate Windows Startup Repair

  • If you’re greeted by a frozen screen, reboot your PC while holding the ‘Shift’ key and select ‘Restart.’ This will access the advanced startup options.
  • Choose ‘Troubleshoot,’ followed by ‘Advanced Options,’ and finally ‘Startup Repair.’ This utility will attempt to diagnose and resolve issues preventing Windows from booting properly.

Disconnect Peripheral Devices

External accessories like USB devices, printers, or secondary monitors can sometimes interfere with Windows startup. Try unplugging these and restart your PC to see if that resolves the issue.

Detach from the Network

An active network connection during startup might be behind the freeze. Disconnecting your PC from the internet before signing in could help you bypass the stall—simply disable Wi-Fi or unplug your Ethernet cable.

Repair Windows via Bootable Media

When other methods falter, creating bootable installation media for Windows might be your savior. This allows you to perform a repair install that can restore system health without compromising your data.

  • Create bootable media using another computer if Windows 10 or 11 is inaccessible on your own PC.
  • Set your PC to boot from the media device through BIOS settings, then select ‘Repair your computer’ during the setup process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, selecting ‘Startup Repair’ when prompted.

Conduct System Scans via Command Prompt

Corrupt system files can be a nasty cause of startup issues. Boot your PC from the Windows installation media and instead of the usual setup process, navigate to ‘Troubleshoot’ and then ‘Command Prompt.’ Run system file checks to identify and repair corrupted files that might be the culprits.


Although a PC that remains stuck on the Windows welcome screen can be a source of frustration, the solutions provided here give you a fighting chance to resolve the issue. Implement these steps carefully to regain access to your computer and jump back into productivity.


Q: What do I do if the Windows Startup Repair doesn’t fix the issue?

A: If Startup Repair fails, try booting in Safe Mode, uninstall recent updates, disable startup services, or perform a system restore to a previous point where your PC worked fine.

Q: How can I avoid this problem in the future?

A: Regularly update your system, avoid abrupt power shutdowns, perform routine maintenance like disk cleanups, and keep backups of important files to prevent or mitigate such issues.

Remember, keeping your software and hardware in check and being proactive with updates and backups can go a long way in ensuring your PC runs smoothly, minimizing the chances of getting stuck on the welcome screen in the first place.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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