How to Resolve the Lock Screen Slideshow Issue on Windows 11

Eager to personalize your lock screen with a captivating slideshow on Windows 11 but facing hurdles? You’re not alone. Many users encounter difficulties in setting up or maintaining their lock screen slideshows, but fear not – we’ve outlined practical solutions to restore this aesthetic feature. Let’s revitalize your lock screen experience and ensure your slideshow dazzles once more.

To optimize your lock screen slideshow, it’s vital to ensure that your Windows 11 is activated. Activation links your Windows copy with your device, also enabling you to enjoy full customization functionalities, including slideshows.

So what’s at stake if Windows 11 remains unactivated? You’ll still access most system functions, but personalization aspects, like the lock screen slideshow, will be out of reach. But worry not – below are the measures to bring your lock screen slideshow back to life on Windows 11.

Effective Fixes for the Lock Screen Slideshow Glitch on Windows 11

Manually Set Up Your Lock Screen Slideshow

Begin by tailoring the Windows 11 lock screen slideshow manually. Delve into the Settings App, navigate to Personalization, and select Lock Screen. There, you’ll see the Background option which should be altered to ‘Slideshow’ mode. Initially, Windows draws from your ‘Pictures’ folder for images, so stock it up to start your visual journey.

Secure Windows Activation for Slideshow Access

Activation is a must for personalization perks. Ensure your Windows 11 is active to maintain seamless slideshow functionality. If not, head to the Personalization settings and bring your Windows copy to life.

Verify Image Availability

Check if all necessary images are present in the designated Pictures folder, as their absence could cause a slideshow snag.

Maintain Slideshow Folder Integrity

Be mindful not to delete folders chosen for your slideshow display. If an accidental removal has occurred, restoring or replacing these folders should fix the issue.

Reset by Re-adding Folders and Images

If you’re facing persistent issues, consider refreshing the slate. Erase and then re-add your preferred folders and images, potentially resolving any glitches.

Prevent Screen Shutdown Post-Slideshow

Windows 11 typically powers down the display to conserve energy once the show concludes. However, toggle the setting off if this interrupts the slideshow’s operation.

Enable Slideshow in Power Options

Slideshow functionality can differ based on power settings, especially in laptops. Peek into your Power Options and make necessary tweaks so that your slideshow flourishes regardless of the power plan.

Inspect Indexing Settings

Infections and software disruptions can hinder Windows 11’s indexing ability, affecting slideshow functionality. Confirm that the file types for your images are appropriately indexed to prevent such issues.


Addressing the Windows 11 lock screen slideshow bug is well within your grasp. Follow these practical steps to ensure your lock screen slideshow is both dynamic and engaging. With your Windows 11 now personalized, every time the screen locks, you’re greeted with a gallery that truly represents you.


Q: How do I activate my Windows 11 to set up a lock screen slideshow?

A: To activate Windows 11, go to Settings, Update & Security, Activation, and follow the prompts. Activation is crucial for personalizing your lock screen with a slideshow.

Q: What could be preventing my Windows 11 lock screen slideshow from working?

A: Several factors could be at play, including lack of Windows activation, deletion of essential images or folders, power settings interfering with the slideshow, or issues with file indexing. Resolve these, and your slideshow should resume flawlessly.

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Activate Lock Screen Slideshow via Group Policy Editor

  • Within the Group Policy settings, there’s an option named ‘Prevent enabling lock screen slideshow.’ If this is active, you will be unable to activate a slideshow on the lock screen for Windows 10 or Windows 11. Verify this setting to ensure it’s not restricting your customization.
  • To inspect this setting, you can Open the Windows Run Command Dialog Box, type gpedit.msc, and press the Enter key.
  • Proceed to the path: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Personalization.
  • In this location, double-click the ‘Prevent enabling lock screen slideshow’ setting and toggle it to ‘Not configured’ or ‘Disabled.’
  • Hit the ‘OK’ button to confirm your changes and apply them.

Verify Lock Screen Settings in Registry Editor

  • The Registry Editor, like the Local Group Policy Editor, can be used to prevent changes to the lock screen. If an equivalent setting in the Registry Editor is enabled, it might interfere with the slideshow functionality in Windows 11.
  • To check this, you can Open Registry Editor in Windows 11.
  • Navigate to the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindowsPersonalization.
  • Look for a REG_DWORD value named ‘NoLockScreenSlideshow.’ If found, right-click on it and choose the ‘Delete’ option.
  • Confirm this action to delete the value.
  • If you’re unable to find the above-stated path or if it’s incomplete, this indicates there’s no need to adjust this particular setting.

Enable Windows Spotlight for Fresh Imagery

  • Windows Spotlight serves as an alternative to the Slide Show feature, showcasing a variety of images sourced from Bing. Please note it requires an internet connection for image updates.
  • To activate Windows Spotlight on your Windows 11 lock screen, access the Windows Settings, navigate to Personalization > Lock Screen, and select ‘Windows Spotlight’ from the available options.

Concluding Thoughts

Our guide aims to assist you with troubleshooting any issues you may encounter with the Lock Screen slideshow feature in Windows 11. With its array of customization options, Windows 11 allows significant personalization, including lock screen customization. However, as a newer OS, some issues can arise. Fortunately, the solutions we’ve discussed provide you with clear steps to resolve these minor setbacks and enjoy a personalized experience on your device.

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