Resolving “Your Account Has Been Disabled” Error on Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs

Encountering an “Account has been disabled” error on your PC can be frustrating. This walkthrough will guide you through the necessary steps to regain access to your disabled account on Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers, ensuring you’re back on track with the latest operating systems from Microsoft.

Understanding and Fixing the Disabled Account Error in Windows

Coming face-to-face with a “The account has been disabled” error message can bring your productivity to a halt. This issue often surfaces when user accounts are deactivated due to system errors, update procedures, or accidental shutdowns during account creation or modification. Our focus here is to troubleshoot and resolve these access issues on both Windows 10 and the newest Windows 11 systems.

Let’s explore some effective methods to restore your account access, providing clear steps to either recover your account or create a new one with the necessary privileges.

Steps for Creating a New Administrator Account in Safe Mode

Should you be unable to access your primary account, crafting a new administrator account in Safe Mode might be the key solution. Follow these instructions:

  • At the Windows log-in screen, select the Power icon, hold down the Shift key, then click on “Restart” to boot into Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE).
  • Navigate through “Troubleshoot” > “Advanced Options” > “Startup Settings”, and after clicking “Restart”, press F6 to select “Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt”.
  • Once in Safe Mode, sign in to the visible administrator account, open Command Prompt, and execute the following commands, pressing Enter after each:
    • net user /add USERNAME (Replace USERNAME with your chosen new account name.)
    • net localgroup administrators USERNAME /add
  • Type the command “shutdown /r” and press Enter to restart your computer.

Reactivating a Disabled Account

If you wish to reuse the account that’s showing the disabled error, you can enable it using another account with administrative privileges. Here’s how:

  • Press Windows key + R, type “lusrmgr.msc”, and click “OK” to open the “Local Users and Groups” window.
  • In the left sidebar, select “Users”, then right-click on the disabled account and choose “Properties”.
  • In the “General” tab, clear the “Account is disabled” checkbox and click “Apply” followed by “OK” to save these changes.
  • Restart your PC and attempt to log in to the previously disabled account to ensure the changes have taken effect.

Using System Restore to Fix the Account Issue

An alternative to rectify the “Account has been disabled” error on Windows 10 or Windows 11 is to execute a system restore:

  • Access WinRE by following the initial steps mentioned above.
  • Choose “Troubleshoot” > “Advanced Options” > “System Image Recovery”.
  • Select an account to proceed and when prompted, input the corresponding password.
  • Opt for a system restore point from before the issue manifested and click “Next”, then follow the subsequent prompts to finish the restoration.
  • Upon completion, reboot your system and verify if the account disabled error persists.

Final Thoughts: Efficiently Addressing Account Disabled Problems on PCs

By implementing these strategies, you can tackle the problematic “Your account has been disabled” errors in Windows 10 and Windows 11, allowing you to resume your tasks and maintain efficiency with the latest technology from Microsoft.


Q: Can I fix a disabled account error without an existing administrator account?

A: Yes, by entering Safe Mode with Command Prompt, you can create a new administrator account to address the issue.

Q: Will a system restore affect my personal files?

A: No, a system restore primarily affects system files and settings but should not alter your personal documents.

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