Mastering the Snapchat Trophy Case: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlock the secrets of Snapchat’s trophy case with this detailed guide. Whether you’re a seasoned Snapchatter or new to the scene, we’re diving into how you can earn those coveted emoji trophies that mark your milestones and achievements within the app.

Embrace the Snapchat Trophy Challenge

Snapchat’s trophy case is more than just an avenue for self-expression—it’s a way to showcase your app prowess and dedication. Although shrouded in mystery, the trophies highlight the milestones and unique interactions you’ve accomplished on the platform. Our guide uncovers these secrets, ensuring you’re equipped to collect them all!

Unlocking Snapchat’s Cryptic Trophies

Each trophy represents a different achievement on Snapchat, with over 50 unique challenges. Whether easy or demanding, these trophies create an engaging journey through the app’s many features. Here’s a rundown on how to elevate your Snapchat game and unlock some common trophies:

Email Verification Achievement:

Confirm your account’s email for one of the simplest trophies—a letter emoji. Verify your email in the settings and follow the confirmation link sent to your inbox to unlock it.

Phone Number Verification Badge:

The telephone emoji awaits those who verify their linked phone number. Find this option in your settings and complete the process through a phone call or text message.

Video Snapshot Connoisseur:

Submitting just one video earns you the videotape emoji trophy, while sending 50 rewards you with the movie camera emoji.

500 Video Trophy:

For the truly dedicated, a video camera emoji is your prize after sending an impressive 500 videos.

Flash Photography Ace:

Snap and share ten photos using your front camera with the flash on to receive the flashlight emoji trophy.

Camera Rotation Pro:

Flip once between cameras during a video snap to earn a looping ‘1’ emoji, and five times for the looping emoji without a numeral.

Editing Expertise Trophies:

Employ Snapchat’s creative filters to score more trophies. A snowflake emoji is yours when you apply the freeze filter, while a sunny face emoji signifies mastery of high-temperature snaps.

Secret Audiophile Award:

Sharing a video without sound unlocks the “see-no-evil” monkey emoji trophy.

Zoom Magician Badges:

Excite your followers by sending ten snaps with added zoom, earning the magnifying glass emoji, or amp up the ante with ten zoomed-in videos for the microscope emoji.

Snapchat Night Owl:[/h2>

For those who thrive after dark, submitting a sketch snapshot between 4 AM and 5 AM unlocks the fried egg emoji, while 500 night mode snaps get you the moon face emoji.

Technicolor Trophy:

Celebrate your colorful side by sending snaps that use at least five pencil colors to snag the rainbow emoji.

Wrap-up: Your Guide to Snapchat Trophy Success

This guide aims to make your Snapchat journey more fun and rewarding as you unlock those elusive emoji trophies. Be sure to keep your app updated to catch any new challenges or changes to the trophy case. Now, go forth and start snapping your way to that full trophy case!


Q: How do I access my Snapchat Trophy Case?

A: Access your trophy case by tapping your profile icon, then the trophy icon located at the top of your profile page.

Q: Can Snapchat trophies be lost?

A: Once earned, Snapchat trophies remain in your case. However, if Snapchat updates and changes the trophy requirements, you may find new challenges to complete.

This guide was crafted to be informative, enjoyable, and a pathway to your Snapchat success. Remember, it’s all about having fun while you connect and create on Snapchat!

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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