Maximize Your Screen Space: Fullscreen Mode in Windows 11

Taking advantage of fullscreen mode in Windows 11 can streamline your workspace, enhance focus, and make the most of your display. Here’s how to switch to fullscreen in various applications:

Seamless Fullscreen Browsing in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera

  • Hit the F11 key to instantly expand your browser window to fullscreen.
  • Find the ‘Full Screen’ option within the ‘Zoom’ settings in your browser’s menu.

Full Immersion in Windows File Explorer

  • Fullscreen mode is just an F11 keypress away in Windows File Explorer.

Distraction-Free Productivity in Microsoft Office Apps

  • Activate fullscreen mode by pressing ALT + V followed by U, or by selecting ‘Toggle Full Screen View’ from the view options. Hit ESC to revert to normal view.
  • Add ‘Toggle Full Screen View’ to the Quick Access Toolbar via ‘More Commands’ > ‘All Commands’. Look for ‘Full Window [Switch Full Screen View]’, add it, and apply the change.

Optimized Viewing on Video Streaming Services like Prime Video and Netflix

  • Click the fullscreen icon during video playback to expand to fullscreen.
  • Use the shortcut WINDOWS + SHIFT + ENTER to enter fullscreen while navigating the app interface, and the same combination exits fullscreen.

Enhanced Engagement with Social and Communication Apps like Twitter and Google Chat

  • F11 swiftly toggles fullscreen mode in both Twitter and Google Chat.
  • You may also select ‘Full Screen’ from the view or custom settings menu.

Benefits of Fullscreen Mode

  • Fullscreen mode minimizes distractions and intensifies focus on the task at hand.
  • It offers benefits for content-centric tasks including editing imagery or reviewing intricate documents.
  • Experience a decluttered interface, focusing only on your content without extraneous graphical elements.


Embrace a distraction-free digital environment on Windows 11 by harnessing the power of fullscreen mode. Whether for browsing, documenting, or media consumption, the provided steps will guide you toward a more focused and efficient workflow.


Q: Is every application on Windows 11 capable of running in fullscreen mode?

A: Although not universal, many applications on Windows 11 support fullscreen mode, notably web browsers, Windows File Explorer, and several media streaming platforms.

Q: Can the keys for activating fullscreen mode on Windows 11 be customized to user preference?

A: The shortcut for fullscreen mode is typically fixed (e.g., F11), but some applications may allow for custom keyboard shortcut assignments.

Q: What are the different ways to exit fullscreen mode?

A: Exiting fullscreen can be as simple as pressing F11, selecting a fullscreen toggle in the app’s options, or using a specific key combination such as WINDOWS + SHIFT + ENTER, depending on the application in use.

Q: Is it possible to view multiple applications in fullscreen mode simultaneously on Windows 11?

A: Fullscreen mode is usually restricted to one application at a time to ensure unobstructed viewing, thereby supporting a singular focus on the content displayed.

James Hogan
James Hogan
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