Steps to Conceal Your Birthday on Facebook

Welcome to our tutorial on ensuring your special day stays just as private as you want it! In a world where your personal data means more than ever, taking control of the information you share online is crucial. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to keep your birthday under wraps on Facebook, whether you’re navigating through a smartphone or your desktop browser.

Mastering Birthday Privacy on Facebook

Knowing who has access to your birth date is more than just a matter of privacy— it also touches on digital security. Facebook, by default, shares your birthday with your entire friend list and sometimes beyond, which can be a welcome door for both well-wishers and identity thieves alike. Fortunately, customizing who can see your birthday is a straightforward process, and we’ll guide you through each step to reclaim your privacy.

Ensuring Your Special Day Remains Yours

Beyond just avoiding a flood of superficial greetings, securing your birth date also keeps key information out of the hands of those with malicious intent. Older product references, such as Windows 8 or iPhone 8, are promptly updated to reflect the latest technology, similar to how you want to maintain the most current and secure privacy settings for your personal information.

How to Conceal Your Birthday on Facebook

Adjusting Settings via the Mobile App

  • Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device, identifiable by its iconic blue and white “f” logo.
  • Access the menu symbolized by ☰, typically at the top or bottom corner of the screen depending on your device.
  • Navigate to ‘Settings & privacy’ and tap on ‘Settings’ in the subsequent menu.
  • Locate ‘Personal Information’ or ‘Profile Information’, and within it, find ‘Basic Information.’
  • Edit the visibility of your birthday and year by tapping the corresponding privacy icon and selecting ‘Only me’ to ensure it remains private, or ‘Friends’ if you prefer a limited audience.
  • Remember to save your changes before exiting.

Customizing Privacy on a Desktop

  • Visit the Facebook website and log into your account if you haven’t already.
  • Click on your profile name to view your personal profile page.
  • Select the ‘About’ tab and then ‘Contact and Basic Info’ to locate your birthday details.
  • Use the pencil icon next to your date of birth to access the edit option.
  • Adjust your birth date and year privacy settings individually, opting for ‘Only me’ for maximum privacy.
  • Click ‘Save’ to implement your new preferences.


Privacy is paramount, and by customizing who can see your birthday on Facebook, you maintain control over your personal information. Whether for security reasons or just a personal preference, these steps enable you to enjoy your birthday without unwarranted attention or risk.


Q: How do I stop receiving birthday notifications from others on Facebook?

A: Navigate to your notification settings on Facebook to disable birthday alerts, ensuring a more clutter-free notification experience.

Q: Is it possible to hide my birthday on Facebook from certain friends?

A: Yes, by using the Custom privacy setting, you can specify exactly who can see your birthday on your Facebook profile.

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