Seamlessly Transferring Your Favorite Jams: From Spotify to Apple Music

Are you considering switching from Spotify to Apple Music? Our step-by-step guide offers an effortless method for moving all your beloved playlists to your new favorite music streaming service. Keep reading to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Introduction to Music Streaming Services Evolution

Music streaming giants like Apple Music and Spotify have revolutionized the way we experience music. Both platforms have amassed millions of subscribers by offering extensive music libraries and personalized experiences. As they evolve, with features like high-definition audio, users may find themselves pondering a switch.

For instance, Apple Music upped the ante in mid-2021 by introducing CD-quality and high-resolution audio at no extra cost. While Spotify has announced its lossless audio tier, Spotify HiFi, details including its release date remain in anticipation. Changes like these can prompt music lovers to reevaluate their preferred service.

Begin the Transfer: Utilizing SongShift

If you’ve made your choice and decided to migrate to Apple Music, the SongShift app is your go-to tool. This handy app, available for download on the App Store, lets you connect both Spotify and Apple Music to transfer your playlists seamlessly.

Initiating Your Playlist Transfer

Once you’ve installed SongShift, sign into your Spotify and Apple Music accounts within the app. Then, simply select the playlists you wish to move from Spotify and designate Apple Music as their new home. With a few clicks, your tunes will relocate to their new environment.

Verify Your Playlist Transfer

Take a moment to ensure that all your songs have transferred correctly with SongShift’s “Ready for review” feature. Should there be any mismatches, they’re easily corrected, ensuring that each song finds its way to the correct playlist on Apple Music.

Reversing the Process

It’s just as easy to move playlists back from Apple Music to Spotify, should you ever desire to revert. This flexibility is a breath of fresh air in an era where digital ecosystems often feel restricting.

Exploring SongShift Alternatives

While SongShift is a popular choice, alternatives like Soundiiz offer a web-based experience, and FreeYourMusic caters to a broader array of platforms and boasts additional features, though some may be behind a paywall.

Maximizing Your Apple One Subscription

If your journey to Apple Music is part of an Apple One bundle investment, remember that you have access to a suite of Apple services that enrich your digital lifestyle, spanning entertainment, gaming, news, and fitness.


The scouting process of deciding between music streaming services just got easier. Armed with the right tools and know-how, transferring your Spotify playlists to Apple Music is straightforward and hassle-free.


Q: Can I move individual songs or albums instead of complete playlists?

A: SongShift primarily focuses on transferring whole playlists. For individual tracks or albums, you might need to manually search and add them to Apple Music.

Q: Will my ‘Liked’ songs on Spotify transfer to Apple Music as well?

A: While SongShift deals with playlists, your ‘Liked’ songs aren’t directly transferable. However, you can create a playlist of your ‘Liked’ songs on Spotify first, then use SongShift to transfer that playlist over to Apple Music.

By updating the content to be more interactive and guided, while providing a clear step-by-step process and addressing potential user questions, this revitalized article aims to cater to the interests and concerns of those considering, or in the process of, moving their music library from Spotify to Apple Music.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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