Adjusting Video Brightness in VLC Media Player

Mastering VLC Media Player’s video brightness adjustment is essential for enhancing your viewing experience. This guide is freshly updated to help you swiftly and effortlessly modify the brightness, ensuring your videos look their best. Delve into this informative piece and find out how to control the display quality of your media with VLC, one of the most versatile video players available.

Step-By-Step Guide to Adjusting Brightness in VLC

Occasionally, when you’re watching a video, you might encounter scenes that are excessively dark or overly bright, compromising the viewing experience. Thankfully, VLC Media Player includes a built-in feature that lets you effortlessly alter the video’s brightness and contrast, providing a solution without the necessity of adjusting your screen or monitor settings.

Tweaking Brightness in VLC for a Single Session

  • Open VLC Media Player and either drag the desired video file into the player window or open it via “Media” > “Open File”.
  • To adjust video effects, click on “Tools” in the menu bar, then choose “Effects and Filters”. You can also quickly access this by pressing “Ctrl + E” on your keyboard.
  • In the “Video Effects” tab, click on the “Essentials” sub-tab and tick the box labeled “Image Adjustment”. From there, you’ll see a brightness slider. Slide it to the right to increase brightness, or to the left to decrease it. Feel free to also adjust Hue, Contrast, Saturation, and Gamma to your liking.
  • Close the window when you’re happy with the adjustments to apply them to only the current video session. This means that the settings revert to default once you close VLC or open a new video. If you click “Save”, the adjustments will persist for all future videos unless you opt to change the settings again.

Permanently Adjusting Brightness in VLC

  • Commence by activating “Image Adjustment” as described above and adjust the brightness to your preference, but do not exit VLC Media Player.
  • Head over to “Media” and select “Convert / Save” or use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + R”. Within the “Open Media” dialog, add the video file you wish to modify and click “Convert / Save”.
  • Choose a format from the “Profile” list and then click the “Wrench” icon to edit your profile settings.
  • Go to the “Video Codec” tab, find the “Filters” sub-tab, scroll to “Image Properties Filter”, check the box, and save your changes.
  • Specify a destination folder for the converted file and hit “Start” to initiate the video brightness adjustment process. The video will be processed with the chosen brightness level, and once completed, you can enjoy the permanently enhanced video.

Final Thoughts on VLC Brightness Adjustment

In conclusion, VLC Media Player offers flexible solutions for improving your video viewing experience by allowing you to easily modify brightness settings. Whether you’re looking to apply a quick fix for a single video or seeking a permanent adjustment, VLC has got you covered. Remember, this guide is here to assist you in ensuring that your videos live up to their visual potential.


Q: How can I temporarily adjust video brightness in VLC?

A: You can temporarily adjust brightness by using the “Effects and Filters” option under “Tools” or by pressing “Ctrl + E”, then adjusting the brightness slider in the “Image Adjustment” section.

Q: Is there a way to permanently alter brightness for videos in VLC?

A: Yes, by using the “Convert / Save” feature found under “Media” and following the outlined steps, you can permanently adjust the brightness for any video.

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