Mastering Special Character Entry in Windows 10

Understanding how to incorporate special characters into your documents can enhance the readability and professionalism of your work. This guide has been updated to help you navigate the insertion of special characters in Windows 10, ensuring your content is polished and accurate.

Effortlessly Add Special Characters in Windows 10

Whether you’re typing names with accents like “Jones née Berkowitz” or incorporating foreign words such as “años,” special characters are occasionally necessary. For English speakers, these diacritical marks might seem elusive; however, including them in your documents is straightforward with the right tools in Windows 10.

Utilize the Touch Keyboard for Special Characters

To access and use special characters with ease:

  • Right-click on any vacant area of the taskbar and select ‘Show touch keyboard button.’
  • Look for the touch keyboard icon adjacent to the time and date display on the taskbar.
  • Click on the touch keyboard icon to launch it.
  • By pressing and holding the designated letter on the keyboard (or on touchscreens, simply holding), a selection of special characters will be displayed for your use.

Discover Special Characters via the Emoji Keyboard

Windows 10 provides a dedicated emoji keyboard which also hosts a range of special characters:

  • Activate the emoji keyboard by pressing the Windows key + period/full stop (.) key.
  • In any text-compatible application, you’ll now see an emoji keyboard. Select the Omega symbol tab to access special characters.
  • Scroll through a diverse array of special characters, with further options available in the bottom row of the menu.

Character Map: A Traditional Approach

For those who favor a classic method, the Character Map offers a familiar alternative:

  • Type ‘character map’ into the search bar by the Start menu and open the corresponding tool.
  • Like the emoji keyboard, navigate through the extensive list to find the character you need for any application.


Navigating special characters in Windows 10 doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the touch and emoji keyboards, or even the Character Map, you are well-equipped to enhance your documents with the necessary diacritical marks. Expand your typing expertise and effortlessly elevate your work with special characters.


Q: How can I quickly access the emoji keyboard for special characters in Windows 10?

A: Simply press the Windows key + period/full stop (.) key, and the emoji keyboard will appear.

Q: Is there a way to view all available special characters within Windows 10?

A: Yes, the Character Map tool provides a comprehensive list of special characters that you can easily select and use.

By keeping this guide updated and focused on user experience, we ensure that the content is not only instructive but also aligns with contemporary practices and technological updates.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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