How to Kill the Vampire Survivors Ender Boss

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Do you want to know how to kill the final boss of Vampire Survivors? After months of updates, with so many well-hidden Vampire Survivors characters to unlock and tons of Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions to master, we now face the final boss. An amalgamation of all five Grim Reaper enemies, the Ender is a Super Reaper if you will, and unlike all other enemies in the game, he fights back. Is vampire ender survivor a tough fight? Not really, but only if you have the best Vampire Survivors builds.

However, the main problem for new players is that it can be difficult to find the final boss. There are visual cues that show when he will appear, but there are a few things you need to do first. As with most mysteries in this roguelike game, you need to meet a few conditions for the ending to appear. You don’t have to overcome as many obstacles as some secret characters force you to, we’re looking at you, Toasty, but it’s still tricky.

How to find Ender in Vampire Survivors

As with most of the secrets in this roguelike game, you will have to meet certain conditions for Ender to appear. You won’t jump over many obstacles no matter what the secret characters force you to do, we’re looking at you, Toastie, but it’s still tricky. Here you will learn how to unlock the boss fight against Ender from Vampire Survivor:

  • Unlock the Mongol stage and play until you taunt a new area.
  • Keep the Gauntlet alive by smashing through enemies until you reach the garland.
  • pick up the yellow sign to the right of the rosary.
  • play a cappella magna on stage.

If you meet the requirements, you’ll see a pale hand snap its fingers, removing the rings and pieces of Metaglio. A few minutes later, the fingers flash again, this time without the eggs. Once you hit the 30-minute mark, the screen starts to tease a bit before a portal takes you inside. The five Reapers appear before merging into a monster called the Ender.

How to beat Ender in Vampire Survivors?

  • Like any other enemy, Ender chases you, but he also summons small black scythes that hurt you when you get close to them. He also connects lines of fire, coffins, or hooded crops, all indicated by red lines. As long as you’re not inside these lines you should be fine, but it’s best to go as far as you can in one direction to avoid getting stuck.
  • Any build can take the Ender, but we highly recommend building Wand and Garlic or Holy Bible. Holy Wand will always attack the boss as he is the only enemy on the screen, while Soul Eater and Unholy Vesper can help you with the scythe the boss throws at you. If you want additional protection, you can also upgrade to Laurel. However, the Yellow Hand takes away the evolution items at the start of the run, so you won’t be invincible.
  • It takes a while, but once you kill Ender in Vampire Survivors, it drops the Great Gospel. This item allows you to upgrade your weapons beyond their maximum stats if you activate it before starting a new run. If you still need help, you can check out our guide to boosts in Vampire Survivors to see what you should spend your gold on.

Final words: How to Kill the Vampire Survivors Ender Boss

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