Integrating Contact Center Recording with Microsoft Teams

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on integrating contact center recording with Microsoft Teams. As technologies evolve and businesses seek more efficient ways to operate, staying up-to-date with the latest methods is vital for success. To help you streamline your communications and ensure no detail slips through the cracks, this tutorial will walk you through the process, freshly updated with all the current best practices. By the end of this article, you’ll understand the ins and outs of merging contact center recording with Microsoft Teams, ensuring an efficient and productive workflow.

Comprehensive Steps to Integrate Contact Center Recording in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, as the central hub for cooperative work, consolidates calls, chat, and meetings efficiently. Embedding voice calls thoroughly within Teams enhances user experiences by promoting adoption and productivity. Here’s how it connects your contact center recording with Microsoft Teams seamlessly.

  • Being the epicenter for both internal and external communications through chats, video conferencing, and calls, Microsoft Teams effectively supports customer interaction workflows.
  • For entities looking for advanced tools to navigate customer interactions, integrating Contact Center solutions with Microsoft Teams enriches these customer engagement experiences, boasting features such as auto attendant and call queues.
  • The ‘Connected Contact Center for Microsoft Teams’ certification program is in place to ensure that every integrated solution meets the high standards of quality, compatibility, and reliability associated with Microsoft offerings.
  • If seeking a certified contact center solution, explore the Microsoft Teams Certified Solutions for Contact Centers, which showcases a list of certified solution vendors, as well as those underway to certification.
  • Vendors interested in the certification process can reach out to Microsoft at

Models of Integration for Solution Providers

Solution providers can choose from three integration models to connect their contact center solutions with Teams:

  • The Connect model uses certified Session Border Controllers (SBCs) and Direct Routing for solution linking.
  • The Extend model utilizes Azure Bot Services and Microsoft Graph communication APIs to enable the creation of Teams apps.
  • The Power model applies an SDK that allows for the incorporation of native Teams experiences within applications. This model will skyrocket once the SDK is made available towards the end of 2021.


To sum up, merging contact center recording with Microsoft Teams can greatly enhance your team’s productivity and customer service capabilities. With the integration models available, companies can select the best approach suited to their needs. Ensure that your business stays at the forefront of communication technology by integrating these sophisticated functionalities with Microsoft Teams, and enjoy a more fluid, productive, and customer-centric workflow.


Q: What benefits does integrating a contact center with Microsoft Teams offer?

A: Integration provides a unified platform for managing customer interactions, better call quality, improved collaboration within teams, and enhanced data analytics for customer service insights.

Q: Are there multiple ways to integrate a contact center with Microsoft Teams?

A: Yes, Microsoft supports various models, such as Connect, Extend, and Power, each with different integration points to blend contact center capabilities with Teams.

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