Ultimate Guide to Mounting, Unmounting, and Burning ISO Images on Windows 10

Welcome to our comprehensive tutorial that shows you the ropes of managing ISO files on your Windows 10 PC. Whether you need to access the contents of an ISO image, install software, or create backup discs, this guide is your go-to resource. Stick around as we dive into the simple steps to mount, unmount, and burn ISO files effectively.

Understanding ISO File Operations in Windows 10

Windows 10 has streamlined the process of working with ISO files, eliminating the need for third-party software. These image files replicate the content and structure of physical media like DVDs, serving as perfect digital counterparts. Whether you’re dealing with a software distribution or a backup, handling ISO images with Windows 10’s built-in features is a breeze.

Simple Steps to Mount an ISO File in Windows 10

Accessing the contents of an ISO image in Windows 10 can be accomplished through File Explorer in multiple ways. Here’s how to tap into that virtual DVD:

Mount an ISO with a Double-click

  • Launch File Explorer.
  • Navigate to the directory containing the ISO file.
  • Double-click the ISO file to mount it to a virtual drive.
  • Access the mounted drive to view or extract its contents as if it were a physical disc.

Mounting via Context Menu

  • Access File Explorer.
  • Right-click your ISO file, then choose ‘Mount’ from the context menu.
  • The ISO will then appear as a virtual drive in File Explorer, ready for use.

Mounting from the Ribbon Menu

  • Open File Explorer and locate your ISO image.
  • Select the ISO file.
  • Click on the ‘Disk Image Tools’ tab, then hit the ‘Mount’ button.
  • Note that if third-party compression tools are installed, you may need to use the ‘Open With’ submenu to select Windows Explorer for mounting the ISO.

How to Unmount an ISO

  • To disassociate the ISO image from the virtual drive, simply right-click the virtual drive in File Explorer and select ‘Eject’.
  • The ISO will be unmounted, disappearing from your list of drives until you choose to mount it again.

Mounting and Unmounting ISO Images with PowerShell

For those who prefer command-line interfaces, PowerShell offers efficient commands to mount and unmount ISO files:

Mounting an ISO with PowerShell

Mount-DiskImage -ImagePath “YOUR_ISO_PATH”

  • Replace “YOUR_ISO_PATH” with the accurate path to your ISO file.
  • The command mounts the ISO, assigning it a drive letter in File Explorer for easy access.

Unmounting an ISO via PowerShell

Dismount-DiskImage -ImagePath “YOUR_ISO_PATH”

  • Adjust “YOUR_ISO_PATH” to the path of your ISO.
  • This command ejects the virtual drive, hiding the contents until you decide to remount.

Final Thoughts on ISO Management in Windows 10

In sum, Windows 10 makes ISO management straightforward and intuitive, whether you’re a cursor navigator or a command-line guru. We trust this guide empowers you to mount, unmount, and burn ISO images with confidence.


Q: How do I create a physical backup of my ISO file on Windows 10?

A: To burn your ISO file to a DVD, right-click the file, select ‘Burn disc image’, and follow the on-screen prompts in the Windows Disc Image Burner.

Q: Can I mount more than one ISO file at a time on Windows 10?

A: Yes, Windows 10 allows you to mount multiple ISO images, each to its own virtual drive.

With these skills in hand, you can now efficiently handle ISO images for all your needs on Windows 10. Share this knowledge with friends and colleagues to help streamline their digital endeavors as well!

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