Transferring Your Tunes: A Guide to Moving from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

Discover the Simple Steps to Transition Your Music Experience

Welcome to the world of seamless music transitions! As Google Play Music bids farewell, users are welcomed to the rich and diverse realm of YouTube Music. Our goal is to walk you through the effortless process of moving your cherished playlists and music library to YouTube Music, ensuring that your personalized soundtrack continues to play without skipping a beat.

Dive into the specifics of transferring your musical collections, discussing how the process preserves your playlist curation efforts. We’ll highlight the continuity of your music journey, showcasing how YouTube Music picks up right where Google Play Music left off.

Engage further with the exciting features YouTube Music offers, tying in the adaptability of the platform to the ever-evolving digital music landscape. Discover the latest enhancements that make YouTube Music your go-to music streaming service.

Seamless Switch: How to Migrate Your Music to YouTube Music

Google has efficiently paved the way for music lovers to migrate from Google Play Music to the dynamic world of YouTube Music. To initiate this transition smoothly, users are equipped with easy-to-follow steps that cater to a hassle-free experience. Here’s how you can begin your new musical chapter with YouTube Music:

  • Install the YouTube Music app on your device.
  • Launch the app and tap on your profile photo, then navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Select the ‘Transfer’ button within the app. This will initiate the migration of your Google Play Music history, playlists, uploads, and even the songs you’ve purchased.
  • Wait for a confirmation notification or email indicating that the transfer has been completed.
  • Once done, you will notice that the YouTube Music home screen will adapt, offering you recommendations based on your historical preferences.
  • For convenience, you can also visit the transfer page directly at and click ‘Transfer’ to start the process.

What’s Included in Your Transfer

In addition to moving your personalized playlists and music preferences, the transfer includes a comprehensive migration of your digital music essence:

  • The entirety of your Google Play Music library, which encompasses:
  • All your personal uploads and music purchases.
  • Plenty of playlists and many of your favorite stations.
  • Your meticulously curated albums and song selections within your library.
  • Your acknowledged likes and dislikes, ensuring your recommendations remain tailored to your taste.
  • Continuity of your subscription details if you happen to be a Google Play Music subscriber.

The Final Note: Embracing YouTube Music

As your musical preferences transition to the realms of YouTube Music, prepare to embrace the familiar yet freshly innovative service tailored to meet your audio indulgences. Your leap into YouTube Music is just a few simple steps away. Immerse yourself in a renewed audio streaming experience where your music-loving heart will feel right at home.


Q: Will my personalized playlists transfer directly to YouTube Music?

A: Absolutely! The transfer process is designed to include your personal playlists so you can continue enjoying your favorite compilations in YouTube Music.

Q: What happens to my Google Play Music subscription once I move to YouTube Music?

A: Your existing Google Play Music subscription details will carry over to YouTube Music, ensuring uninterrupted access to your favorite tunes.

All set to make the switch? Begin your YouTube Music adventure today and keep your beloved tunes by your side, no matter where the rhythm takes you!

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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