Enhancing Your Audio Experience in Windows 10 with Loudness Equalization

Are you tired of constantly adjusting your speaker volume while you’re engrossed in a movie or jamming to your favorite tunes? Loudness discrepancies, especially when switching between applications, can be a nuisance. Thankfully, Windows 10 offers a nifty feature to alleviate this problem—Loudness Equalization. Let’s dive into how you can enable this feature for a more balanced and enjoyable listening experience.

Equalizing Audio Levels for Consistent Playback

Many of us have encountered the frustration of ear-piercing commercials that play at a higher volume than the videos we watch online. Similarly, our music collections may contain tracks that vary widely in volume due to different sources and recording levels. To tackle these varying audio levels, Windows 10 allows you to normalize sound across all apps and browsers. Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving uniform volume levels.

Activating Loudness Equalization in Windows 10

Standardizing your audio volume is simple. Follow these steps to turn on Loudness Equalization:

  • Use the search box in Windows 10, enter “sound,” and select the matching setting.
  • From the sound options, select your main speaker and click on ‘Properties’ at the bottom right corner.
  • Navigate to the ‘Enhancements’ tab in the new window.
  • Look for ‘Loudness Equalization’ in the list of enhancements and check its box to enable it.
  • Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’ to save your settings.

Volume Consistency with Realtek Audio

If your system comes equipped with a Realtek audio card, you’re in luck. It features a built-in compressor and limiter to help maintain a consistent volume irrespective of the source. To adjust volume levels to an even output:

Utilizing Realtek’s Loudness Equalization on Windows 10

  • Access ‘Control Panel’ on your computer, look for ‘Realtek HD Audio Manager’ and open it.
  • Within the manager, locate ‘Sound Effects’ and activate the ‘Loudness Equalization’ setting.
  • After making this adjustment, reboot your system to ensure the changes are effectively implemented.


Loudness Equalization is a powerful tool within Windows 10 that can greatly enhance your auditory experience by delivering a more consistent volume across all content. With these steps, you can say goodbye to sudden audio spikes and enjoy your media seamlessly.


Q: What is Loudness Equalization and why should I use it?

A: Loudness Equalization is a feature in Windows 10 that normalizes audio levels so that all sounds are played at a consistent volume. It’s especially useful if you experience large volume differences when switching between applications or content.

Q: Will enabling Loudness Equalization affect audio quality?

A: Enabling Loudness Equalization primarily affects the volume levels rather than the audio quality. It helps in minimizing the dynamic range for a more even sound output without significantly altering the quality.

With these insights and instructions, you are now empowered to improve your computer’s sound profile with just a few clicks. Remember to check for Windows or driver updates to ensure the best performance and access to the latest features.

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