Mastering Note Management on Your iPhone with Smart Folders and Tags

Struggling to keep your iPhone notes in order? With the latest iOS updates, sorting them is no longer a task. This guide will help you master the art of note management using smart folders and tags, transforming the way you store and find information.

Effortless Categorization with Tags

Tags are your new best friends when it comes to categorizing notes. Simply add a hashtag (#) before a keyword within your note content to create a tag. After pressing the spacebar or adding a new line, you’ll notice the text changes to a clickable item. This clickable tag becomes your shortcut to related notes across the app. Browse through your custom tags by tapping the “Tags” heading found at the bottom of your Notes app home screen.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Tagging and Organizing

  1. Launch the Notes app on your iPhone, powered by the latest iOS.
  2. Select an existing note or start a brand-new one.
  3. Type a hashtag (#) followed by your desired keyword to create a tag.
  4. Finalize your tag with a space or line break; it will highlight in yellow.
  5. Head back to the ‘Notes’ main menu and spot the ‘Tags’ section nestled at the bottom.
  6. Explore specific tagged notes or peruse through ‘All Tags’ for a broader view.
  7. While in ‘All Tags’, tap the three dot icon to refine your view, sort options, or manage selected notes.
  8. Note that creating a note within a tag category automatically applies that tag.
  9. Create a smart folder based on tags by hitting the new folder icon on the main Notes page, now redesigned for ease.

Smart Folders: Your Organizational Power Tool

Smart folders work magic by gathering all related tags under one roof. They streamline your workflow and make retrieval a snap. Below, we detail how to create and harness smart folders to your advantage:

  1. Access the Notes app and navigate to the folder overview.
  2. Spot the Add Folder button and select ‘New Smart Folder’.
  3. Choose existing tags to add to this folder, or mint new ones on the fly.
  4. Name your smart folder to reflect its contents and hit ‘Done’ to finish.

Empowered with these tools, your iPhone notes will now be the pinnacle of organization.

Insights and Solutions: Your Queries Answered

Q1: Is it true that notes only recognize tags when highlighted in yellow?

A1: Indeed, for tags to be recognized in the Notes app, they must appear in yellow once created.

Q2: How do tags enhance note searching capabilities on iPhones?

A2: Tags act as navigational aides, allowing for quick filtering and finding of notes relevant to the tagged keywords.

Q3: Is it possible to assign numerous tags to a single note entry?

A3: Without a doubt, you can add several tags to a note, broadening your organizational spectrum.

Q4: Are smart folders an exclusive feature to iOS 15 and beyond, including MacOS Monterey?

A4: Smart folders indeed came into existence with iOS 15 and MacOS Monterey, bringing a new level of note-taking prowess to these operating systems.


Equipped with the know-how of smart folders and tags, your iPhone notes are now poised for perfect organization. Remember, these tools are here to simplify life, not perplex. Should you encounter any bumps on your organizational journey, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Share this guide with friends and family seeking note nirvana, and thank you for allowing us to assist.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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