Ultimate Guide to Factory Resetting Sonos Speakers

Keeping your Sonos speakers at their best sometimes requires a fresh start. This detailed guide provides easy-to-follow steps to perform a factory reset on various Sonos speakers, ensuring they function optimally for your audio enjoyment.

Reviving Your Sonos Speakers: A Factory Reset Tutorial

As leaders in sound quality and home connectivity, Sonos has carved a niche with its range of exceptional multi-room speakers. Despite their robust performance, these devices may occasionally require troubleshooting. Factory resetting your Sonos speaker can resolve unforeseen problems, restoring the device to its original settings.

We aim to simplify this process for you, covering the reset procedure for different speakers, making sure your audio experience stays seamless and uninterrupted.

Embark on the journey to rejuvenate your sound system as we dive deep into the steps for a factory reset.

Resetting Sonos Speakers: A Universal Method

The factory reset steps for Sonos One, One SL, Five, Beam, Arc, Sub, Port, and Amp echo similarity. This procedure will also be effective for previous models such as Playbase and Play:5 (gen-2). Follow these instructions:

  • Disconnect your speaker from the power source.
  • While holding the ‘Connect’ button, reconnect the speaker to its power supply.
  • Release the ‘Connect’ button once the indicator light flashes white and then amber.
  • A green flashing light signals the restart, indicating a successful reset.

Specifics for Factory Reset: Sonos Move

For the Sonos portable Move and Roam, the reset process has its distinctions due to variation in button arrangements. Here’s your guide to reset the Sonos Move:

  • Ensure your speaker is on and detached from the charger.
  • Press and hold the power button until the speaker shuts down.
  • With the pairing button pressed, reconnect the Move to its power source.
  • Release the pairing button when the light blinks white and amber.
  • A green flashing light will mark the completion of the reset.

Guidelines to Factory Reset: Sonos Roam

The Sonos Roam utilizes a specific method for reset. Please follow these steps:

  • Power on the speaker and ensure it’s off the charging unit.
  • Turn off the speaker by pressing the power button for five seconds.
  • Press and hold the Play/Pause button, and while doing so, press the power button briefly.
  • The light flashing white and amber, followed by a green flash, indicates the reset is done.


Concluding this guide, we trust that you now feel equipped to handle a factory reset on your Sonos speakers with confidence. A reset can often be just what’s needed to maintain the stellar performance Sonos is known for and provide a trouble-free audio experience.


Q: What should I do if my Sonos speaker isn’t responding after a factory reset?

A: Check the power connection, and if the issue persists, contact Sonos support for professional assistance.

Q: Will a factory reset delete my Sonos playlists and favorites?

A: Yes, a factory reset will erase your customized settings and data from the speaker.

This content overhaul aims to ensure that you’re provided with the latest, most accurate information on resetting your Sonos speakers, combined with an engaging reader experience.

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