Enjoy Listening to YouTube in Background Mode on Android Devices

Introduction: Enhance Your YouTube Experience

Are you keen on transforming your YouTube listening experience on your Android device? Whether you want to catch up on podcasts, enjoy music, or simply listen to your favorite videos while multitasking, this guide will show you how to play YouTube in the background without having the video play. Let’s dive into the world of uninterrupted audio enjoyment.

Maximizing YouTube Background Play on Android

YouTube stands as a versatile hub, buzzing with a vast array of content, including educational tutorials, captivating TV shows, and the freshest music releases. At times, the visual aspect may take a back seat, and you might crave the luxury of audio-only engagement. Fortunately, there are straightforward workarounds to keep YouTube playing seamlessly in the background while you browse other apps or lock your screen.

If you minimize the YouTube app or lock your phone screen, video playback traditionally ceases. Thankfully, I have compiled easy steps to help you maintain the audio flow effortlessly. Moreover, for those who desire consistent background playback, we’ll review using YouTube’s subscription service for an enhanced experience.

YouTube Premium: Your Key to Seamless Playback (Android & iOS)

Step up your game with YouTube Premium, a feature-rich subscription service that, among its perks, offers the ability to keep your YouTube audio playing when you switch off your device’s screen or jump into another app. Alongside ad-free viewing across devices, YouTube Premium also grants access to exclusive content and downloadable videos for offline indulgence.

More significant to our discussion, this subscription provides you the privilege to indulge in ad-free YouTube Music streaming and the option to play with the screen turned off. Yes, this convenience comes at a cost — $12 per month or $18 for a family plan accommodating up to six individuals. Fortunately, new users can explore these features with a one-month free trial. Rest assured, the YouTube app is universally available across Android and iOS platforms.

Alternative Browser Approach for iOS Users

For iOS users seeking to continue audio playback with the screen off or while browsing other apps, Safari and Chrome might not cut it. However, alternative browsers like Firefox and Opera Touch can cleverly circumvent this limitation. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your preferred browser and visit YouTube’s website.
  2. Find and play the video of your choice.
  3. Switch to the desktop version of the site within your browser.
  4. Initiate the video playback.
  5. Return to your home screen and open the Control Center.
  6. Hit the Play button to resume playback with the screen off.

Note that stopping the video from the Control Center may not be possible, but you can easily halt it by returning to the browser.

Conclusion: Unleash the Power of Background YouTube Playback

Embrace the versatility of YouTube and never miss a beat with these handy background playback techniques. Enjoy your treasured playlists, insightful podcasts, or any YouTube content in an audio format while multitasking on your Android device. Go ahead and transform your YouTube experience into something truly spectacular.


Q: How do I enable background playback of YouTube on Android without a Premium subscription?

A: Utilize alternative methods such as playing YouTube through certain browsers or third-party apps that support background playback features.

Q: Is there a way to listen to YouTube Music with the screen off?

A: Yes, YouTube Music offers this functionality for Premium subscribers, allowing the luxury of listening with the screen off or when using other apps.

Take your YouTube listening sessions to the next level and enjoy a seamless, uninterrupted audio experience today!

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