Ultimate Guide to Printing from Your Android Tablet or Smartphone

In the era of digital documentation, there might still be times when you need a hard copy of documents or images. Whether for work or personal reasons, knowing how to print directly from your Android tablet or smartphone can be a game-changer. In this updated tutorial, we aim to arm you with straightforward methods to print from your Android devices effortlessly. If you find this guide, Ultimate Guide to Printing from Your Android Tablet or Smartphone, valuable, share the knowledge with those who may benefit from it!

Effortlessly Print from Your Android Device

Thanks to technological advancements, printing from an Android device is easier than ever. No longer restricted to a PC, you can now send print commands directly from your smartphone or tablet. What’s more, even if you don’t share the same network with your printer, you can still print seamlessly if you have a printer with internet capabilities.

In this guide, we outline the process of printing from an Android using its built-in print function. Additionally, we’ll also cover how you can print remotely now that Google’s Cloud Print service is no longer operational.

Navigating Printer Setup in a Post-Google Cloud Print World

With the discontinuation of Google Cloud Print, the process for setting up your printer for Android devices has changed slightly. Now, you will typically use the default printing service provided by your printer’s manufacturer or third-party apps designed for printing.

  • First, ensure your printer is connected to your network and is compatible with mobile printing standards such as Mopria, AirPrint, or your printer brand’s proprietary system.
  • On your Android device, go to Settings and select “Connected devices” or search for the “Printing” options.
  • You should see an option for “Default Print Service” or similar which should automatically search for and add printers on your network.
  • If your printer isn’t found, you may need to download the specific app for your printer from the Google Play Store to facilitate the setup.

Once you’ve configured your printer, you can go to the file you wish to print, tap the menu button, and select “Print.” A print preview screen will appear where you can select your printer and other print options before confirming the job.

Printing Local Files and Documents from Android

Have files stored on your device you need to print? Whether they’re in your Photos app, stored within emails, or even on cloud services like Google Drive, printing is a few taps away:

  • Locate and open the file you wish to print.
  • Access the print option which may appear as a print icon or within the app’s share menu.
  • Choose your printer from the list of available devices.
  • Adjust print settings as necessary and send your print job.

Quick Tips on Printing from Web Pages

Stumbled upon some important information online that you’d like to have on paper? Follow these simple steps:

  • While on the web page, tap on the menu represented by three vertical dots.
  • Select the “Share” option, then “Print.”
  • Pick your printer and press the print button to start the job.

Concluding Thoughts on Android Printing

This straightforward guide should help you manage your printing needs from your Android tablet or smartphone with ease. By adapting to the updated methods post-Google Cloud Print, you’ll be ready to handle any printing task that comes your way.


Q: What if my Android device doesn’t automatically find my printer?

A: If automatic detection fails, download your printer’s specific app from the Google Play Store or consult the manufacturer’s website for guidance.

Q: Can I print from any app on my Android device?

A: Many apps offer a print function, look for the print option within the app’s menu or share features. If unsure, refer to the app’s help or support section.

With updated, user-friendly content and a thorough explanation of printing methods, this guide can benefit users who need to make physical copies from their Android devices while also appealing to Google’s search algorithms.

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