Guide on Recording Calls on iPhone Without an App

Recording a phone call on an iPhone without using third-party apps can be a bit of a challenge due to Apple’s strict privacy policies. However, in this guide, we provide you with resourceful methods to record calls for scenarios where it might be necessary, such as for an interview or an important conference call.

Effective Ways to Record Calls on iPhone Without Third-Party Apps

While the iPhone, running on iOS 16, does not include a pre-installed call recording feature, there are a few alternative methods you can utilize to capture audio from your phone calls. Here’s how you can proceed without the need for an app:

Leverage Different Recording Techniques

To circumvent the absence of a dedicated recording function on your iPhone, consider these workarounds which can help you record your calls:

Record Using a Separate Device

Perhaps the simplest solution to record a call on your iPhone is to use another device. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Initiate the call you wish to record.
  • Enable the speaker mode while the call is active so the audio is audible externally.
  • Place a secondary device such as another smartphone, a computer, or a digital recorder near your iPhone to capture the conversation.

Capture Calls via Voicemail

Another ingenious, albeit not widely known method involves using your voicemail. These steps will guide you through the process:

  • Start your call and press the ‘Add call’ button during the call.
  • Navigate to your contact list and choose your own contact to include your voicemail to the call.
  • Hit the dial button to connect to your voicemail, which then starts recording after the beep.
  • Merge the calls by tapping the ‘Merge’ button, turning it into a conference where one end is your voicemail, automatically recording the call.

When your call concludes, access the recording in your voicemail box. It’s advisable to export this recording for safekeeping and easier access:

  • Open the Phone app and select the voicemail tab.
  • Find your recorded conversation, then use the ‘Share’ option to email it to yourself or store it elsewhere.

Summary and Final Thoughts

While recording calls on an iPhone without a third-party application requires a bit of creativity, it is completely feasible. The methods outlined above offer straightforward solutions. As always, ensure you obtain consent from all parties before recording any call to respect privacy laws and personal ethics.


Q: Is it legal to record calls on my iPhone?

A: The legality of call recording depends on your jurisdiction. Most places require consent from one or all participating parties. Always check your local laws and obtain necessary permissions before proceeding.

Q: Can I record a call on my iPhone using Apple’s built-in Voice Memos app?

A: No, the Voice Memos app cannot record phone calls because iOS does not support internal call audio recording. You’ll need to use the methods mentioned above or a third-party app that complies with legal regulations.

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