Comprehensive Guide on Recording Phone Calls on an iPhone

Recording phone conversations can be crucial for several reasons, from documenting business calls to preserving treasured memories with loved ones. Given that iPhones don’t come with a built-in call recording feature, it may seem challenging to achieve this task. This guide is freshly updated to walk you through various methods that allow you to record phone calls on your iPhone efficiently.

How to Capture Conversations on Your iPhone

We share everything you need to know about legally recording phone calls on your iPhone, across different scenarios and using various tools. Some methods involve apps, external services, or additional gadgets, each fitting a specific need and level of convenience.

Simple Solution: Use Speakerphone and a Second Device

If it’s an impromptu need to record a call, maybe an informal chat or an urgent work meeting, the easiest way is to put your iPhone on speaker and record with a second device. You could use another smartphone, tablet, or computer with a recording app. On iOS devices, ‘Voice Memos’ is readily available, while Windows devices offer the built-in ‘Voice Recorder’ app.

Many third-party apps like ‘Rev Voice Recorder’ or ‘Otter’ are also great alternatives, providing additional services like transcription. Be mindful that quality can suffer and speakerphone use isn’t everyone’s first choice.

Record Calls with Google Voice

Google Voice is a versatile service, providing voicemail, a free phone number, and even recording options for incoming calls. Recording outgoing calls isn’t available in the Google Voice app, but the incoming call recording features are worthwhile.

  • Make sure recording is activated by navigating to Settings > Calls > Incoming call options either on the mobile app or Google Voice’s desktop version.
  • Google Voice gives you the choice to receive calls through the app or by having calls forwarded to your mobile number. The recording happens on Google’s servers, so it’s not an “iPhone recording” in the technical sense.
  • When a call comes to your Google Voice number, pressing ‘4’ on your keypad will trigger a notification that the call is being recorded, complying with legal requirements. Press ‘4’ again to stop recording or simply hang up.
  • Your recordings are emailed to you and appear in your Google Voice voicemail list. The label “Transcript not available” is typically an indicator of a recording as opposed to a regular voicemail.

Conclusion: Securely Recording Phone Calls on iPhone

This article, How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone, provides you with the latest insights into capturing audio from your calls with ease. Whether you need recordings for professional reasons or personal archives, these strategies will help you succeed.

If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding iPhone call recording, feel free to reach out through the comments or contact section. On the other hand, if you found this guide useful, sharing it would greatly support our efforts and help others with the same query.


Q: What apps can I use to record phone calls on my iPhone?

A: Apps like TapeACall, Call Recorder for iPhone, and Rev Call Recorder are some of the popular options for recording phone calls on iPhones.

Q: Is it legal to record phone calls on my iPhone?

A: The legality depends on local laws. It’s imperative to obtain consent from all parties involved before recording, as some regions require two-party consent for call recording.

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