Streamlining Your Android Experience: Effortlessly Remove Bloatware Without Root

Finding yourself frustrated with pesky bloatware on your Android device? Unwanted pre-installed apps often clutter our phone’s storage, but we have good news: there’s no need to root your phone to bid farewell to these space hogs. This step-by-step guide will educate you on how to declutter your Android device effectively without the complexities of rooting.

The Simple Route: Disabling Unwanted Apps

Disabling those pesky pre-installed apps on your Android device can be a simple and reversible solution. This process will hide the app and prevent it from running, reclaiming your device’s resources, without permanently deleting it.

To do this, navigate to Settings > Apps & Notifications > See All Apps, choose the app in question, and select the Disable option. If deactivation isn’t available, fear not—Method 2 provides an alternative.

Completely Uninstalling Bloatware

To completely rid your phone of undesired pre-installed apps requires the use of Android Debug Bridge (ADB). Before you start, activate USB Debugging by tapping Build Number under Settings > About Phone multiple times to unveil Developer Options, then toggle on USB Debugging.

With ADB installed on your computer and USB Debugging enabled, these are the steps to remove bloatware:

  1. Connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable.
  2. Launch the command prompt or terminal on your computer.
  3. Type adb devices, hit Enter, then confirm the prompt on your phone to authorize the connection.
  4. After running adb devices again and seeing your device listed, proceed with adb shell.
  5. Enter pm uninstall -k –user 0 <packagename> where <packagename> is the specific app’s package name. Find this using an app like App Inspector.

Remember, this only removes the app for the current user profile. Root access is required to completely uninstall the app for all users.

Important Considerations

Exercise caution when removing system apps, as doing so could disrupt your device. It’s always wise to research which apps are safe to remove. Rest assured, method removals are profile-specific and reversible, providing a safety net for any accidental deletions.


With these straightforward methods, you can reclaim your Android’s performance and storage space. Gone are the days of dealing with unwanted apps and the frustration they bring.


Can I permanently remove all types of bloatware without rooting my Android device?

While ADB allows you to remove most bloatware from the user’s profile, the permanent, system-wide removal of certain system apps may require rooting.

How can I reinstall a pre-installed app I’ve removed?

To recover a previously removed default app, use the ADB command: adb shell cmd package install-existing <packagename>.

Adopt this guide to optimize your Android experience, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable user journey free from the clutches of unnecessary pre-installed software.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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