How to Detach Todoist from Microsoft Outlook

With productivity tools being adopted across various platforms, users sometimes need help removing related add-ins from their applications. In this update, we’ll guide you through the steps to dissociate Todoist, one of the popular to-do list apps, from Microsoft Outlook. If you appreciate this updated guide on Detaching Todoist from Microsoft Outlook, feel free to share with your network to extend our reach.

Removing or deactivating a plugin from a software platform can be confusing, but we aim to make the process as seamless as possible, whether you are using a Mac or Windows PC. We’ll cover both deactivation and complete removal of the Outlook add-in since you might not always want to fully uninstall the tool.

Procedure via Microsoft Office

Begin by launching Outlook and navigating to the “File” tab on your desktop version. Click “Options” to proceed. In the sidebar, you’ll find an ‘Add-ins’ section. Here, click ‘COM Add-ins’, then ‘Go’.

Look for the Todoist add-in in the resulting list. To uninstall, simply select it and click ‘Remove’. Be aware that just ticking the box and pressing “OK” won’t uninstall it.

Manual Removal Outside Outlook

Rather than removing the add-in directly from Outlook, which may be suggested for browser extensions, Todoist should be uninstalled using a more traditional method.

Exit Outlook, then head to the “Start” menu, select “Control Panel”, navigate to “Programs and Features”, and look for “Uninstall a Program”. Alternatively, use the search bar and enter ‘Add or Remove Program’.

Locate Todoist in the program list, uninstall it, and then reboot your device. This should fully remove Todoist from Outlook and is the recommended procedure provided by Todoist’s developers. It’s wise to create a system restore point before doing this.

Deactivating Todoist on Mac or Windows

In Outlook, go to the ‘File’ menu, then ‘Manage Add-ins’. This will launch Outlook on the web. Navigate to “Manage Add-ins”, find the “Enabled” column with Todoist, and uncheck it. Todoist will now be deactivated without actually being uninstalled.

If Todoist isn’t visible, check ‘Find more add-ins for Outlook’. Missing add-ins could mean incorrect installation or a problematic version of Todoist.

No Need for Third-party Uninstallers

Complex solutions involving registry edits or uninstaller software aren’t necessary. The removal is straightforward via your system’s standard uninstallation process or through the Microsoft Office suite. If issues arise, consult Windows Installer Troubleshooter or Apple’s Support for Mac-related problems.


Unlinking Todoist from Outlook should now feel less daunting. Adhering to these revised instructions, you can remove the add-in with ease. If you have questions or require further assistance, reach out through our contact form. Share this guide to support our efforts and help others streamline their Outlook experience.


Q: Can I deactivate Todoist without uninstalling it from Outlook?

A: Yes, you can deactivate Todoist by managing your add-ins and unchecking it without uninstalling the application.

Q: Will uninstalling Todoist from Outlook affect my tasks saved in the app?

A: Uninstalling the Outlook add-in should not affect the tasks you’ve saved within Todoist itself. Your tasks are stored on Todoist’s servers and should remain accessible via other platforms or the web app.

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