How To Resize Photo in Windows 11

The majority of the time, users are required to resize photos before uploading them to websites, blogs, papers, or even placing them within frames for printed output. Users resize their images for a variety of reasons, but this is one of the most prevalent ones. There are several plausible explanations for why this might be necessary in the future. One of the primary functions that is included in the vast majority of image editing program that are compatible with Windows is the ability to scale down or enlarge photographs.

You can also use the program that are pre-installed on your copy of Windows 11 in order to resize images to dimensions that are more appropriate for the needs that you have. Windows 11, which comes with a range of built-in tools for resizing photos, makes the process of doing so extremely straightforward. This is because Windows 11 comes standard with all of these tools. If you are interested in learning how to resize images in Windows 11, you have come to the correct place; we have the answers you are looking for.

How to Resize Images With Photos

Photos is mostly just a picture viewer app that comes with Windows 11, but it does have some simple editing tools. That app lets you change the size of your pictures in both pixels and percentages. Here’s how to change the size of a picture in Photos:

  1. To open Photos, press the Windows 11 Start button and choose the apps pinned menu link.
  2. To look at your pictures, click “All Photos.”
  3. To change the size of a picture, right-click it and choose “Open.”
  4. Click the “See more” button with three dots in the changing window that comes up.
  5. Choose the “Resize image” button.
  6. Go to the Pixels menu.
  7. Then, in the Width and Height boxes, type in different numbers of pixels. If you only change one number, the other one will be changed proportionally to keep the aspect ratio the same.
  8. To use the change, click Save.

Users who select the alternative option labelled “Percentage” are required to input percentage values in the fields labelled “Width” and “Height.” By entering figures such as 80 and 90, the size of the image can be reduced by 20 and 10 percent, respectively. By entering larger values such as 110 and 120, the size of the image will grow by 10 and 20 percent, respectively.

Within Photos, the Resize box also contains a Quality bar option for you to adjust. Despite this, you can only utilise that setting for the output of JPG images. Choose the.jpg extension from the drop-down menu that appears next to “File extension.” The picture quality of the resized image can then be adjusted by dragging the bar’s slider to the left or right.

How to Resize Images With Paint 3D

Paint 3D is an advanced form of Paint that lets you add and change objects that are in three dimensions. That Microsoft app also has a tool that lets you change the size of images and enter numbers. In Windows 11, this is how you can change the size of your pictures in Paint 3D:

  1. Paint 3D isn’t an app that comes with Windows 11. View the Paint 3D page on the Microsoft Store if you don’t already have the app.
  2. On the Paint 3D app page, click Get in Store app.
  3. If you choose “Open Microsoft Store,” Paint 3D will open in the app.
  4. To add Paint 3D to your app library, click “Get,” which means “install.”
  5. Click Start > All apps to see a list of all the apps that are installed.
  6. Choose Paint 3D from the list that’s there.
  7. After that, click Open and Look through Files.
  8. Choose a picture that you want to change the size of, then click “Open.”
  9. Press the three-dot menu button that says “View more options.”
  10. If you choose Canvas options, you’ll see options for changing the size of the picture.
  11. To choose this choice, click the box that says “Resize image with canvas.”
  12. To make the picture smaller or bigger, left-click on a part of the picture, hold down the mouse button, and drag the mouse cursor left or right. As you move the mouse, the numbers in the Height and Width boxes change.
  13. Select the size you want to change and press the Menu button.
  14. Click on the “Save” button. You can also choose “Save as” if you don’t want to delete the source file.

Final Words

Therefore, there are numerous applications available for Windows 11 that have the capability to resize images such as photographs. The Photos and Paint apps that are pre-installed on your device are all you need to resize photographs using pixels or percentages. In spite of this, Paint 3D allows you to make adjustments to the size of images using your mouse. Users who need to resize a single image or numerous photographs in preparation for printing will find the FastStone Photo Resizer program to be extremely helpful.

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