Reintroducing the Classic Volume Slider on Windows 11 PCs

Welcome to the ultimate guide on rejuvenating your audio experience by bringing back the classic volume slider on your Windows 11 PC! With the evolution of the Windows operating system, some features get retired or redesigned, which can be a source of nostalgia or preference for many users. In this piece, we’ll explore how to rediscover the familiar audio control we grew acquainted with in previous Windows iterations.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 has introduced a fresh, modernized user interface with various changes, including the revamp of the volume control. Not everyone is excited about this change. If you’re one of the users preferring the classic volume mixer, there’s good news! An open-source solution allows you to restore the old volume slider, blending nostalgia with the advanced environment of Windows 11.

Let’s dive into how you can achieve this, ensuring you have precise control over your system’s audio outputs for different applications – just like the good old days.

Reviving the Classic Volume Mixer in Windows 11

The traditional volume mixer offered detailed control over the audio levels of individual applications alongside the system’s general volume. This functionality was known to increase productivity and enhance user experience. Nevertheless, with Windows 11, Microsoft has shifted towards a more integrated settings approach that left many missing the standalone utility. Thanks to Classic Volume Mixer, it’s possible to reintegrate this feature seamlessly into your Windows 11 system:

Steps to Restore Traditional Volume Controls:

Before you can enjoy the retro-style audio management, you’ll need to install the Classic Volume Mixer software. Let’s walk through setting it up:

  • Begin by downloading the ClassicVolumeMixer.exe file from the project’s official GitHub page.
  • Copy the downloaded file by right-clicking on it and selecting ‘Copy’.
  • Press ‘Windows-R’ to open the ‘Run’ dialog box.
  • Type ‘shell:startup’ into the dialog box and press ‘Enter’ to open the startup folder.
  • In the startup folder, right-click and choose ‘Paste’ to add the Classic Volume Mixer’s executable.

By executing these steps, Windows 11 will automatically start the Classic Volume Mixer every time you boot up your PC, offering you the ease of access to the volume controls you’re accustomed to.

Conclusion: Embracing Classic Audio Control on Modern Windows

Enjoy your enhanced audio handling experience with the classic volume slider reinstated on your Windows 11. Not only does it offer a touch of the familiar in a new environment, but it provides the fine-grained control over your system’s sound that you might have been missing.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with restoring the classic volume slider, don’t hesitate to reach out for support, or look for community-driven forums and discussions for additional tips.


Q: Why might someone prefer the older volume slider on Windows 11?

A: Some users find it offers more precise control over individual application volumes and evokes a sense of familiarity from previous Windows versions.

Q: Is it difficult to set up the classic volume mixer on Windows 11?

A: No, it’s quite simple. Just follow the step-by-step guide above to download and automatically start the Classic Volume Mixer on your PC.

By keeping content up to date and focused on user needs, we ensure that our readers are receiving practical, authentic, and comprehensive guidance tailored to managing their Windows 11 environment.

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