Upgrading Your iPhone Typing Experience with a Third-Party Keyboard

Increasingly, iPhone users are seeking to enhance their typing experience beyond the default iOS keyboard. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of selecting, installing, and utilizing a third-party keyboard on your iPhone. Stay tuned as we explore the most up-to-date methods and popular keyboard options that promise to revitalize your text input experience.

Discovering and Installing a Third-Party Keyboard on Your iPhone

Apple has permitted the usage of third-party keyboards with iOS, opening up a realm of typing possibilities. Here’s a step-by-step guide to navigating the rich selection of alternative keyboards available on the App Store and installing one on your device.

Choosing the Right Keyboard for You

  • Third-party keyboards are available as apps on the App Store. Take the time to browse and find one that suits your typing style and needs.
  • Options like SwiftKey and Gboard are among the favorites, offering features like swipe-to-type and predictive text. Always check for the most recent versions, such as Gboard by Google or SwiftKey by Microsoft.
  • Looking for novelty or specialized keyboards? Check the Utilities section in the App Store for unique finds. Whether it’s for creative text input or language support, the right keyboard is just a tap away.
  • Once you’ve found the keyboard that speaks to you, download it just as you would any other app, ensuring you’re getting the latest version compatible with the current iOS.

Activating Your New Keyboard

  • With your desired keyboard installed, you’ll need to activate it within iOS settings. Begin by heading to the Settings app, selecting General, and then Keyboard.
  • Add a new keyboard by going to Keyboards and tapping ‘Add New Keyboard’, then choosing from the Third-party keyboards section.
  • Prioritize your privacy by reading the Third-Party Keyboards and Privacy section, ensuring you’re informed about the data access the new keyboard may have.
  • For additional settings and features like personalized predictions or cloud syncing, visit the keyboard’s app. An example is SwiftKey’s option to create an account for a more customized typing experience.

Embracing Your New Typing Companion

  • Now it’s time to put your new keyboard to the test. Open any text field and tap the Globe icon to switch keyboards.
  • Seamlessly alternate between keyboards whenever you like, selecting the one that fits your current activity best.

Customizing Keyboard Settings or Saying Goodbye

  • To remove a keyboard, simply navigate to the Keyboards section in Settings, tap Edit, and delete as desired.
  • To completely uninstall a third-party keyboard, press and hold its icon on the home screen until it jiggles, then tap the ‘x’ to delete it.

Final Thoughts on Third-Party Keyboards for iPhone

Enhancing your iPhone’s typing capabilities with a third-party keyboard can be a game-changer. We’ve covered the how-to’s of finding, installing, and managing these keyboards, set to bring efficiency and flair to your digital communication.


Q: What are some current popular third-party keyboards for iPhone?

A: Popular choices include Gboard by Google, Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard, and Grammarly Keyboard, each offering unique features like swipe typing, predictive text, and grammar checking.

Q: How can I ensure my privacy when using a third-party keyboard?

A: Always read the privacy policies and permissions of the keyboard upon installation. Utilize keyboards that do not require full access to your device if privacy is a major concern, and consider the reputation of the keyboard provider.

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