Maximizing Storage: Locating and Managing Large Files in Windows 10

Facing a cluttered storage situation on your Windows 10 device? Large, unneeded files can be the culprits hogging valuable space. Tackling this issue head-on can breathe fresh air into your digital workspace. Let’s explore how to seamlessly hunt down and manage those bulky files.

Unveiling Hidden Giants with File Explorer

Easing into the quest for space, Windows 10’s File Explorer is your primary ally. Embark on a straightforward expedition:

  1. Summon File Explorer with a press of the Windows key + E.
  2. Scope out your virtual terrain by selecting “This PC” or jump straight to a specific drive or folder for a targeted search.
  3. Under the View tab, permit “Hidden items” to surface, shining a light on concealed files.
  4. Whisper “size:extra large” into the search box to pinpoint files over 128MB. Feel free to swap “extra large” for tags like “small”, “medium”, “large”, or “huge” based on the file size you’re hunting.
  5. Detail your perspective via the View tab, choosing Details for a granular glimpse of each file.
  6. Sift through your discoveries by peeking at the “Sort by” options – arranged by name, date, and size, to name a few.
  7. Wield your delete key wisely; some files are the threads keeping the tapestry of your Windows operating system intact.

Commencing a Command Prompt Expedition

For adventurers who favor the depths of the Command Prompt:

  1. Press the Windows key + R, introducing “cmd” into the Run dialog’s spotlight, hitting Enter to open Command Prompt’s stage.
  2. Enunciate this incantation: FORFILES /S /C "cmd /c if @fsize gtr 1048576 echo @path", which beckons forth files heftier than 1 MB.

Conscripting Third-Party Scouts

Not keen on navigating the Windows wilderness? Recruit an expert guide like TreeSize:

  1. Secure TreeSize onto your PC’s toolkit.
  2. Grant it the keys to the kingdom (admin permissions) to survey the domain in its entirety.
  3. Watch as it unveils a cartographical display of files and folders, neatly labeled with their digital footprints.
  4. TreeSize offers its expertise at varying levels, with more scholarly editions wielding enhanced capabilities.

FAQs on Managing Windows 10 Storage:

Should I purge large Windows 10 system files to save space?

Absolutely not. System files are the foundation of your Windows 10’s functionality. Instead, lean towards alternatives like Disk Cleanup for safely reclaiming space.

What’s my next step if I’ve accidentally exiled an important file into the void?

Fear not! Tools like Recuva or EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard are akin to an ace search party, adept at reuniting you with lost files.

Master your Windows 10 storage like a seasoned navigator. Keep your all-important files sheltered and wave goodbye to superfluous digital bulk, paving the way for a more efficient and streamlined computer experience.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
The Bollyinside editorial staff is made up of tech experts with more than 10 years of experience Led by Sumit Chauhan. We started in 2014 and now Bollyinside is a leading tech resource, offering everything from product reviews and tech guides to marketing tips. Think of us as your go-to tech encyclopedia!


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