Discovering Your Stored Passwords on macOS

Unlocking the Secrets to Your Saved Passwords on Mac

Whether you’re a tech-savvy professional or a casual user, the security of your digital life hinges on robust, unique passwords for all your accounts. Storing various passwords can be a challenge, but macOS has inbuilt solutions to make this easy.

Let’s dive into the process of retrieving your saved passwords on a Mac. We’ll discuss how to navigate the macOS Keychain Access app, and how you can use iCloud Keychain to synchronize your login credentials across all your Apple devices.

Additionally, we’ll touch upon managing your passwords in one of the most popular third-party browsers, Google Chrome, for a complete understanding of password management on Mac systems.

How to View Your Saved Passwords on a Mac

Keychain Access, an application pre-installed on your Mac, is the keeper of your digital keys. It securely stores your login details and lets you access them whenever you need to log in to websites, networks, or apps. Here’s how to view your saved passwords using Keychain Access:

  • Open a Finder window, navigate to Applications > Utilities, and start the Keychain Access app.
  • Use the search bar in the top right corner to locate the desired password entry by typing the name of the website or service.
  • Double-click the desired entry, then tick the box next to ‘Show password’.
  • Enter your Mac’s login password and authorize to reveal the saved password.
  • The password will be displayed in the subsequent dialog window.

Syncing Passwords Across Apple Devices with iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain brings the convenience of having all your passwords up-to-date across your Apple devices. All it requires is setting up iCloud Keychain on each device under the same Apple ID. Here’s how to enable iCloud Keychain:

  • On your Mac: Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud and check the box for Keychain.
  • On an iPhone or iPad: Head to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Keychain and toggle the iCloud Keychain switch on.

This synchronization ensures that any password change or new addition is reflected across all your connected devices, simplifying password management significantly.

Accessing Saved Passwords in Google Chrome on Mac

Chrome operates with its proprietary password management system separate from Keychain Access. To find your stored login data within Chrome, follow these instructions:

  • Launch Chrome and enter ‘chrome://settings/passwords’ in the address bar, or navigate to Chrome menu > Preferences > Autofill > Passwords.
  • Scroll to the ‘Saved Passwords’ section to see a list of stored entries.
  • Click on the ‘eye’ icon beside the password you want to reveal.
  • Authenticate using your Mac system’s password to view the selected password.
  • To conceal the password again, simply click on the eye icon once more.


With this knowledge at your fingertips, managing passwords on your Mac becomes a hassle-free experience. Use Keychain Access for integrated macOS applications and iCloud Keychain for seamless password synchronization across devices. For third-party browsers like Chrome, remember their in-built systems for password management.

Understanding where and how your passwords are stored ensures you can access them securely whenever necessary, keeping your digital life both safe and convenient.


Q: How can I trust the security of my passwords on iCloud Keychain?

A: iCloud Keychain employs industry-standard encryption techniques to secure your data, offering you a reliable and secure password management system across your Apple devices.

Q: Is there a way to export passwords from the Keychain Access app on my Mac?

A: While Keychain Access doesn’t offer an official export feature for all passwords, users can securely copy individual password details as needed. For bulk export, third-party software may be required, but it’s essential to ensure you trust the software and understand the security implications.

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