Unlocking Your Device’s Saved Wi-Fi Passwords: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discovering the Wi-Fi passwords saved on your device can often be essential—whether you need to reconnect after a device reset, wish to share the network with a visitor, or troubleshoot connection issues. This guide provides a straightforward explanation of how to retrieve saved Wi-Fi passwords on your IOS or Android device, ensuring that you stay connected with ease. Updated tips and methods for recent iOS and Android versions will bring you up to speed on managing your Wi-Fi connections.

Easy Steps to Access Wi-Fi Passwords on Your Device

Retrieving your saved Wi-Fi passwords can be done in numerous ways, depending on the operating system and version of your device. Here’s how to navigate the latest updates, tailored to contemporary smartphones and gadgets.

How to Reveal Wi-Fi Passwords on Android

  • The convenience of Android 10 and higher includes the ability to view Wi-Fi passwords for stored networks directly from your device settings, without needing root access. Here’s the method for Android 11 and above, though bear in mind that steps might slightly differ based on your device model and software version.
  • Start by heading into your device’s Settings, then tap on ‘Network & Internet’, followed by ‘Wi-Fi’. Your current network should be visible at the top of the list—tap on it to see more options, or choose a saved network lower down.
  • Look for the ‘Share’ button on the details page. Authentication via face/fingerprint recognition or your PIN might be required. Once verified, a QR code displays, below which your Wi-Fi password will be listed.
  • If the password isn’t shown for any reason, another device can use the QR code to connect, eliminating the need to input the password manually.

Viewing Wi-Fi Passwords on Android 9 or Older

  • For devices operating on Android 9 or older, or if the aforementioned method isn’t available on your phone, you may face more of a challenge. Normally, seeing saved Wi-Fi passwords would necessitate a rooted device due to file access restrictions.
  • Root users can venture to ‘/data/misc/wifi’ via a root-enabled file explorer application. The ‘wpa_supplicant.conf’ file lists network names (ssids) and their respective passwords (psk).
  • If this route doesn’t work, or you’re looking into alternative options, apps like ‘WiFi Password Viewer’ might help. These apps, which also require root access, offer a way to pick a saved network and view its password.
  • Given the mixed reviews and varying success of such apps, they aren’t guaranteed solutions. Moreover, if your device encrypts Wi-Fi passwords, these apps might be unable to assist.


Wrapping up, access to saved Wi-Fi passwords on modern devices can generally be accomplished without much hassle, particularly on newer Android versions. For earlier versions or devices that require rooting, the process is more complex and may not always be successful. Knowing how to navigate your device’s settings for such information is an invaluable skill in an increasingly connected world.


Q: Can I see saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android without root access?

A: Yes, for Android 10 and higher, you can view saved Wi-Fi passwords without needing root access by following the steps outlined above.

Q: What are my options for finding Wi-Fi passwords on older Android devices?

A: If you’re on Android 9 or older, viewing saved Wi-Fi passwords typically requires root access. You can use a file explorer for rooted devices or try out a Wi-Fi password viewer app.

By adhering to the detailed instructions in this updated guide, not only can you retrieve passwords with ease, but you can also ensure that your network sharing and connection troubleshooting are handled with utmost proficiency.

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