Up-to-Date Guide on Capturing Screenshots with Your Mouse Cursor

This comprehensive guide will show you how to capture screenshots that include your mouse cursor. Recently, we’ve refreshed our tutorial to provide you with the most current information and tools. If you find value in this article, titled How To Take a Screenshot using Mouse Cursor, please feel encouraged to share it with your network to help us reach more readers.

Effective Methods to Capture Screenshots with Your Mouse Cursor

Taking screenshots can be a handy way to document and share information on-screen. Occasionally, you’ll want to include the mouse pointer for clarity, but many screening capturing tools, such as the ones provided with Windows 10 or Windows 11, typically omit the cursor. I have explored several tools that successfully capture the mouse cursor within the screenshot and will outline the most effective ones below.

Top Tools for Including the Mouse Cursor in Screenshots

1. Steps Recorder

Windows Steps Recorder, a built-in utility designed for documenting steps you take on your computer, surprisingly serves well for capturing your mouse cursor in screenshots. Here’s how to use it:

  • Search for “Steps Recorder” in the Start menu and open the app, then click “Start recording”.
  • Minimize the Steps Recorder and perform the action you wish to capture. A simple mouse click will suffice, as it will be captured in the recording.
  • Open the Steps Recorder again and click “Stop Recording”. Review the steps which will include the screenshots you want.
  • Click Save to download the recording as a zip file, which contains an MHTML file with your screenshots. Save the desired images from this file.

Your image, complete with the mouse cursor, will be saved for your use.

2. ShareX

ShareX is a versatile and popular screen capture tool for Windows, allowing detailed snapshots including the mouse cursor. Follow these steps to capture your screenshot with ShareX:

  • Install ShareX and navigate to the Task Settings.
  • In the “Capture” section, make sure the “Show cursor in screenshots” option is enabled.
  • Position your cursor appropriately and press Ctrl + PrtSc to select and capture your desired screen area.
  • Access the preview in ShareX and download your screenshot with a right-click.

3. Greenshot

Greenshot offers a quick and straightforward process for capturing screenshots that inherently include the mouse pointer.

  • Install Greenshot and use the Ctrl + PrtSc shortcut to initiate a screenshot.
  • A pop-up menu will enable you to save or edit the image immediately.

4. IrfanView

Apart from being a revered image viewer, IrfanView also boasts screen capture functionality that includes the cursor.

  • After installing IrfanView, access it from the Start menu and navigate to Options > Capture/Screenshot.
  • Set your desired area and hotkey (e.g., Ctrl + F11) and click ‘start’ to begin capturing.
  • Execute the hotkey with your cursor in place to capture your screenshot, then simply save it from IrfanView.

Final Thoughts: Capturing Screenshots with Mouse Cursor Included

I trust this updated guide on How To Take a Screenshot using Mouse Cursor has been illuminating. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out through our contact forum. Should this guide prove useful, please help us by sharing it with those who might also benefit from it.

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