Ultimate Guide to Taking Screenshots on Your Mac

Whether you’re using the latest iMac or a Mac Mini, capturing your screen’s content can be incredibly useful for tutorials, demonstrating software glitches, or saving information. This updated guide dives into the simple yet powerful ways you can take screenshots on macOS.

Capture Every Moment: The How-To of Mac Screenshots

While Macs may not have a dedicated “Print Screen” button like some PCs, they compensate with a variety of built-in shortcuts and tools. Let’s master these methods to make sure you know exactly how to capture and utilize screenshots effectively.

Grasping the Basics: Taking Screenshots on Mac

Mastering macOS Screenshot Tools

Keyboard Shortcut Mastery for Quick Captures

Learning the default keyboard shortcuts is your first step to becoming a screenshot expert:

  • Full Screen Capture: Shift + Command + 3
    • Quickly access the thumbnail in the corner, edit immediately or wait for it to save on your desktop, and remember you can also copy it to your clipboard with the control key.
  • Partial Screen Capture: Shift + Command + 4
    • Select just what you need with crosshairs, and take advantage of spacebar and escape key functions to manipulate or cancel your capture.
  • Window or Menu Capture: Shift + Command + 4 + Space Bar
    • Transform your cursor into a camera to highlight and grab images of specific windows or menus, with the option to skip shadow borders if desired.
  • Touch Bar Screenshot on MacBook Pro: Shift + Command + 6
    • Don’t forget the capability to copy straight to the clipboard with this unique function tailored to MacBook Pro.
  • Accessing the Screenshot App: Shift + Command + 5
    • Explore all the options here for further customization, from screen recording to changing save locations and fine-tuning the app’s behavior to your workflow.

With these tools, capturing the perfect screenshot is easier than ever, even for MacBook Pro users, with their Touch Bar functionality.

Remember, though certain content like Apple TV app screens may resist capture, and you can always customize these shortcuts in System Preferences.

Tweaking Defaults: Save Screenshots as JPG

By default, Mac screenshots are PNG files located on the desktop. For smaller file sizes, switch to JPG with these steps:

  • Launch Terminal
  • Input: defaults write com.apple.screencapture type JPG
  • Hit return

Going Beyond: Advanced Mac Screenshots

When you require more functionality, consider software like CleanShot X. It’s packed with robust features from annotations and overlays to seamless screen recordings and custom capture options.

Quickly noting some standout details:

  • Over 50 features to cover every screenshot need
  • Includes tools for annotations, timed captures, and even GIF recordings
  • CleanShot Cloud for easy storage and sharing
  • Pricing starts at $29 for the full suite of tools

Additional third-party utilities include:

  • Snagit offers a free trial followed by a one-time purchase
  • Monosnap provides free basic captures, ideal for personal use

Conclusion: Making the Most of Your Mac’s Capabilities

With these tools and techniques at your fingertips, taking screenshots on your Mac is a breeze. Whether for personal use, troubleshooting, or creating content, you’re now equipped to capture and communicate with clarity.


Q: How can I quickly edit a screenshot on my Mac?

A: Simply click the thumbnail that appears after capturing your screenshot to make immediate edits.

Q: Is there a way to hide desktop icons when recording my screen?

A: Yes, certain third-party apps like CleanShot X offer features to hide desktop clutter during recordings.

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