How to Track Data Usage on Windows 11 PC

It is essential for internet users, like it is for everyone else, to strike a good balance between their professional and personal lives. Windows 11 contains a built-in tool that helps track your internet data usage, so that you can keep track of apps and software that use your internet data. This makes it possible for you to monitor the program and software that utilize your internet data. This enables you to monitor the applications and program that are consuming the internet data you have purchased.

It is imperative that you monitor how much data you use while web browsers the internet, since the last thing anyone wants is for their data to be depleted first thing in the morning. When you’re working with Windows 11, keeping track of the amount of time you spend online is a lot less complicated. You will have an easy time calculating how much data your program have utilised thanks to the built-in choices that are featured in Windows 11 for measuring internet consumption.

View Internet Data Usage on Windows 11

  1. To get to the “Network & internet” area from the left sidebar, press “Win+I” on your keyboard to open the Settings app in Windows 11. Click on “Advanced network settings” in the right pane at the bottom of this page.
  2. After that, go to “More settings” and find the “Data usage” choice. Click on it.
  3. In the upper left area, you can now see the data you’ve used in the past 30 days. In the upper right corner, you can switch between wired and wireless network modes. This is helpful if you usually connect to the internet through a wired link. On this page, you can also see how much each app uses the network.

Reset Internet Data Usage on Windows 11

  1. Launch the Settings application, then from the left sidebar of the app, travel to the “Network & Internet” section, then click on the “Advanced network settings” option.
  2. Choose “Data usage” under “More settings” on the page for Advanced network settings to make this change.
  3. Click the “Reset” button once you have located the option to “Reset usage stats” by scrolling down until you see it.

Setup Data Limit on Windows 11

If you are not using an internet connection that provides limitless data transfer, it is a good idea to establish a data limit for yourself so that you do not go over the allotted amount of data. When you are getting dangerously close to exceeding your monthly data quota, the Windows 11 operating system on your computer will send you a warning message.

  1. To get started, launch the Settings application, then navigate to the “Network & internet” area from the left sidebar, then select “Advanced network settings” from the menu that appears.
  2. In the “More settings” section, locate and select the “Data usage” option.
  3. Click the “Enter limit” button that is located in the upper right corner, immediately below the drop-down menu that lists the types of networks.
  4. In the pop-up window that has just shown, locate the box where you want to put your desired data limit, and then click the “Save” button. You also have the option of selecting a data limit type that is either limitless, monthly, or one-time.
  5. On the “Data usage” screen, after you have selected the data limit, you will be able to view the proportion of your monthly data allowance that has been used up so far.
  6. After you have determined how much data you wish to restrict access to, you should think about turning on the “Metered connection” toggle. You will be able to control and restrict the amount of data usage on your Windows 11 computer using this method.


How do I track data usage on Windows 11?

To rapidly access Settings, either press the Windows key plus I or click the Start menu and pick Settings. Choose Internet and your network. In the right pane, select the option labelled Advanced network settings. To see how much data you’ve used, go to the More settings area and select the Data consumption option.

How can I check my PC data usage?

To access the Windows Settings menu, first enter the Start menu, then click on the gear icon. Make your selection under Network & Internet. Choose Data usage from the list on the left. An summary of your use of the Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks, showing the total quantity of data (in MB or GB) that has been consumed over the course of the previous 30 days on each network.

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