Seamlessly Migrating Contacts from Your Samsung to Your New iPhone

Transitioning from an Android to an iOS device entails various challenges, and transferring contacts is often one of the most pressing concerns. If you’re transitioning from a Samsung device to the latest iPhone, this guide is for you. We will walk you through multiple methods to ensure your contacts move with you, trouble-free. Whether through Google Sync, AnyTrans, Apple’s Move to iOS app, or the simplicity of a SIM card transfer, we’ve broken down the steps for a smooth migration. Let’s embark on this digital journey together.

Sync Effortlessly with Google

For those already using Google services, syncing your contacts through your Google account provides a painless solution. Follow these steps:

  • Access the Contacts app on your Samsung phone. Navigate to ‘Manage Contacts’ > ‘Sync Contacts’. Ensure your Google account’s syncing is activated. If you haven’t added a Google account, select ‘Add account’ to proceed.
  • On your iPhone (latest iOS version), open the Settings app. Go to ‘Contacts’ > ‘Accounts’ > ‘Add Account’. Select ‘Google’ and log in with your credentials, then switch on the ‘Contacts’ toggle. Your iPhone will commence the sync.

Leverage the Power of AnyTrans

AnyTrans offers a comprehensive data management solution that moves your contacts from Samsung to iPhone in one swift motion:

  • Install AnyTrans on your computer, open it, and pick ‘Phone Switcher’ followed by ‘Phone to iPhone’.
  • With the intuitive interface, you can transfer your contacts with ease. Follow the on-screen guidance to complete the process.

Apple’s Move to iOS: A Tailored Solution

Apple’s dedicated Move to iOS app streamlines the transition from Android to iPhone, including contact transfer:

  • Install Move to iOS from the Google Play Store on your Samsung device, then activate it.
  • During your iPhone set up, when prompted, opt for ‘Move Data from Android’. Note down the one-time security code displayed.
  • Enter this code into the Move to iOS app on your Samsung device, choose ‘Contacts’, and begin the transfer.

Simple SIM Card Transfer

If you’re looking to migrate a select few contacts, the SIM card method is straightforward and effective:

  • With the SIM card in your Samsung device, open Contacts. Choose which contacts to transfer, then ‘Export to SIM card’.
  • Transfer the SIM to your iPhone and navigate to Settings > Contacts > Import SIM Contacts.


Migrating contacts from a Samsung to the newest iPhone model should be a seamless experience, not a tech hurdle. By following these methods, you can quickly start enjoying your iPhone with your full contact list intact. For any further queries or specialized guidance, our door is always open for support.

FAQs on Contact Migration

Q: Can I move contacts from Samsung to iPhone without a Google account?

A: Absolutely! Utilize Move to iOS or AnyTrans to transfer your contacts without relying on a Google account.

Q: Is a factory reset on my iPhone required to use Move to iOS?

A: No, a factory reset is not necessary. However, ensure that your iPhone is in the initial setup phase.

Q: Is AnyTrans capable of transferring other data types like photos and messages from Samsung to iPhone?

A: Indeed, AnyTrans is versatile, allowing for the transfer of various content including messages, photos, music, and more from Samsung to iPhone.

Q: Are there alternative third-party apps for transferring contacts from Samsung to iPhone?

A: Yes, other third-party options such as My Contacts Backup or Easy Backup are available for transferring contacts.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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