Seamless Transition from Deezer Playlists to Apple Music

Are you looking to merge your musical worlds by transferring your curated Deezer playlists to Apple Music? This updated guide will lead you through the process with ease, ensuring your favorite tunes follow you, no matter where you choose to stream. Discover the joy of having your personalized playlists on Apple Music, the latest version available, keeping your music experience fresh and up to date. If this guide helps you enhance your musical journey, do spread the word and share the harmony!

Effortlessly Move Your Deezer Playlists to Apple Music

Switching from Deezer to Apple’s latest music streaming service doesn’t mean leaving your beloved playlists behind. With the right tools and techniques, you can transfer your precisely crafted Deezer playlists to Apple Music with minimal fuss. Watch the magic happen as your favorite tracks start appearing in your Apple Music library, ensuring that if a track exists on both platforms, you won’t miss a beat.

Transfer Your Entire Musical Library in One Fell Swoop

Why move your music collection piece by piece when you can shift it all at once? Follow these clear-cut steps to move your Deezer favorites, playlists, and albums over to your Apple Music account seamlessly:

  • Navigate to the specified web application designed for music transfer.
  • Via the interface, select ‘Platform to Platform’ to set up your transfer.
  • Choose Deezer as your current platform, then proceed to link it.
  • Mark the categories you wish to move by ticking their respective checkboxes.
  • Pick Apple Music as your destination service and establish the connection.
  • Observe the transfer process in the background, tracking its progress live.

Individual Playlist Transferring Made Simple

Here’s how to shift individual or multiple playlists from Deezer to your Apple Music account:

  • Access the specialized web application for music transfers.
  • Select ‘Playlists’ from the ‘Library’ section.
  • Connect to your Deezer account by selecting it.
  • Identify the playlists you’re transferring and select them.
  • Utilize the ‘Convert Tools’ button to initiate the transfer.
  • Choose Apple Music as your target platform and connect.
  • Upon completion, your Deezer playlists will be ready to enjoy on Apple Music.

Bring Your Favorite Albums Along for the Ride

Don’t forget the albums you’ve been replaying on Deezer; here’s how to move them over:

  • Open your chosen music transfer application.
  • In ‘Library,’ click on the ‘Albums’ tab.
  • Connect to Deezer and select the albums for transfer.
  • Initiate the transfer with the ‘Convert tool’ icon.
  • Set Apple Music as the destination and start the connection.
  • Watch as your chosen albums populate your Apple Music library.

Sync Your Top Tracks from Deezer to Apple Music

For transferring specific tracks that you can’t live without, follow these instructions:

  • Proceed to the music transfer web application.
  • Select ‘Tracks’ within the ‘Library’ to find your top tunes.
  • Pair up with Deezer and choose the tracks for transfer.
  • Engage the ‘Convert tool’ to begin the magic.
  • Direct the transfer to Apple Music and get connected.
  • Once the process concludes, your handpicked tracks will be awaiting you on Apple Music.

Final Thoughts: Navigating Your Deezer to Apple Music Migration

Understanding this tutorial should make your transition from Deezer to Apple Music a walk in the park. However, if you’re still left with queries, feel free to reach out via the contact forum. And, if this guide has been the compass to your successful musical voyage, let others in on the secret to keeping playlists intact across platforms!


Q: Can I transfer my custom-created playlists from Deezer to the latest version of Apple Music?

A: Yes, by following the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide, you can move your personalized Deezer playlists to the most recent version of Apple Music.

Q: What happens to tracks that are available on Deezer but not on Apple Music?

A: Any track not found on Apple Music’s database will not be transferred, and you will likely be notified with an error message for such tracks.

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