Mastering the Settings: Deactivating “Rediscover This Day” in Google Photos

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on managing your Google Photos experience. In today’s digital age, it’s essential to have control over the notifications and reminders we receive. Google Photos’ “Rediscover This Day” feature is designed to stroll you down memory lane. Still, there might be times when you prefer to walk that path at your own pace, without prompts. If you find yourself nodding in agreement, then this guide is tailored for you.

Methods to Disable “Rediscover This Day” Feature

Understanding the need to curate your digital surroundings, Google Photos offers flexibility in its settings, allowing you to disable the nostalgic reminders. Here we’ll explore how to fine-tune your Google Photos settings to your personal preferences and maintain the serenity of your digital space, both on your desktop and mobile devices.

Google Photos provides you with a couple of straightforward methods to disable the “Rediscover This Day” feature. Through these steps, you can maintain a tranquil library of your memories, accessible on your terms across all synchronized devices.

How to Disable Cards and Notifications

Google Photos gives you the power of choice. Whether you’re at your desk or on the go, turning off “Rediscover This Day” cards and notifications is a hassle-free process. Dive into this easy-to-follow tutorial and enjoy a distraction-free environment.

Assistant Tab Method: A Quick Toggle

  • Within the Assistant tab in Google Photos, pinpoint a “Rediscover This Day” card. Click or tap the three-dots icon at the card’s corner.
  • From the emerging menu, select ‘Turn off rediscover this day’. And just like that, you’ll bid farewell to daily blasts from the past within your Assistant view, alongside the associated notifications.

Settings Panel Approach: A Thorough Adjustment

  • Can’t spot the card in question? The Settings panel comes to your rescue. Here’s a brief guide:
    • Locate the hamburger menu icon, then click Settings from the ensuing menu.
    • Choose the ‘Assistant Cards’ option and toggle off ‘Rediscover this day’.
  • This deactivates the cards and notifications. Should you ever wish to revert, simply revisit the settings and re-enable the toggle.

Prefer Card Over Notifications? Here’s What to Do

If the “Rediscover This Day” feature’s essence appeals to you, but you’d rather not have notifications interrupting your day, there’s a workaround. Adjusting the notification settings within Google Photos might require a few extra steps but promises a more tailored experience. Let’s look at how to achieve this on different platforms.

Desktop and Mobile Discrepancies

  • Through settings navigation on the Google Photos desktop version, you can silence browser notifications completely.
  • On Android devices, the flexibility slightly increases, allowing you to mute only Assistant notifications.
  • iOS users will find themselves taking the route through the system’s settings to disable notifications for the app.

Conclusion: Mastering Google Photos Notifications

The ability to customize the Google Photos app can significantly enhance your experience. Understanding and tailoring the “Rediscover This Day” notifications to your liking can create a more personal and distraction-free encounter with your treasured memories. Feel empowered knowing that these changes reflect across all your devices, and the control is always at your fingertips.


Q: How can I ensure that future updates won’t reinstate these reminders?

A: Google Photos retains your settings preferences, even through updates. Regularly check the settings post-update to ensure your preferences are intact.

Q: What if I want to reactivate specific Google Photos notifications without enabling all?

A: For platforms allowing granular notification settings like Android, navigate to Google Photos settings and adjust according to your preference.

Our engagement with technology should be both pleasant and under our control. By providing the tools and knowledge to manage app features, we can create personal digital environments that suit our individual needs and enhance our daily lives.

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Editorial Staff
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