Maximizing Multitasking with iOS Picture-in-Picture Mode

Embrace multitasking brilliance with iOS’s Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, a feature engineered to streamline your video viewing and app navigation experience. Introduced with the advent of iOS 14, PiP empowers iPhone and iPad users to engage with a video in an overlay window while simultaneously interacting with other applications. Journey with us as we delve into the nuances of using Picture-in-Picture mode on the latest iOS devices.

Activating Picture-in-Picture on Your iOS Device

To commence your PiP adventure, simply start playing your desired video and perform a swipe up gesture to return to the home screen or transition to a different application. The video will seamlessly transition into a compact overlay, allowing you to continue enjoyment without disruption. Resize and reposition the PiP window to your liking with intuitive pinch gestures and by dragging the window across the screen.

App Compatibility with iOS Picture-in-Picture

While PiP mode is a revolutionary addition to iOS, it is important to note that compatibility is not universal across all applications. Favorably, a majority of popular video and streaming applications—including Apple TV, FaceTime, and the Safari browser—harmonize with this feature. Although some applications, such as the native YouTube app, do not presently support PiP, users can circumvent this by utilizing the web version of YouTube.

Enhancing FaceTime Calls with Picture-in-Picture

FaceTime’s integration with PiP elevates the calling experience, allowing uninterrupted conversation while traversing other applications. When you navigate away from an active FaceTime call, the call fluidly minimizes into a PiP window, maintaining your connection while freeing your screen for additional tasks.

Personalizing Your Picture-in-Picture Experience

PiP windows can be tailored to your preferences; interact with a double-tap or a pinch to cycle through various size options. Smaller windows can nest neatly in the corners of your display, ensuring they are conveniently accessible yet unobtrusive.


Is Picture-in-Picture Mode Available on All iOS Devices?

Picture-in-Picture mode is an exclusive feature for devices running iOS 14 or later.

Which iOS Apps Are Compatible with Picture-in-Picture?

Picture-in-Picture is supported by a variety of video-centric apps like Apple TV, FaceTime, and Safari, with more adopting the feature over time.

Can I Reposition the Picture-in-Picture Window on My Display?

Absolutely. The PiP window is designed for versatility, allowing you to drag and position it at your preferred screen location.

What Are the Ways to Adjust the Picture-in-Picture Window Size?

Adjusting the PiP window is effortless; employ a pinch gesture or double-tap to toggle between small, medium, and large sizes at your convenience.


This comprehensive guide on harnessing the power of Picture-in-Picture mode within the latest iOS ecosystem is crafted to optimize your viewing and multitasking experiences. Should you have lingering inquiries or require further guidance, our team is eager to assist. Share the knowledge and enrich the digital lives of friends and family by passing along this tutorial.

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