Mastering the “Raise Hand” Feature in Microsoft Teams Meetings

Welcome to our comprehensive tutorial on effectively utilizing the “Raise Hand” feature within Microsoft Teams meetings. This feature enhances the manner in which participants can interact without intruding on the current speaker’s time, maintaining an orderly and respectful dialogue during virtual meetings. Today, we will delve into the steps required to use this handy feature across various devices.

An Introduction to the “Raise Hand” Feature in Teams

The “Raise Hand” feature is a digital etiquette tool Microsoft Teams incorporates to foster an organized discussion environment. It is an invaluable function that allows meeting participants to indicate their desire to contribute without disrupting the flow of conversation.

As someone eager to participate, it’s crucial to understand how to signal your input appropriately. Below, we’ll guide you on how to perform this action seamlessly within the Teams platform across desktop, web, and mobile versions.

Utilizing “Raise Hand” on Desktop

For desktop application users, raising your hand in a Teams meeting can be achieved with ease:

  • During an active call, the “Show Reactions” button — situated on your meeting controls bar — is your go-to option. Upon hovering over this, you’ll find the “Raise hand” option. Click to signal your intent. Keyboard aficionados can also use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + K for instant action.
  • This gesture ensures all participants are notified, highlighted by a visual hand icon next to your name on their screen.
  • After your turn to speak or clarify, you can ‘lower your hand’ by revisiting the “Show Reactions” menu or pressing the same keyboard shortcut.

Activating the Feature on the Web

Web users will find the experience similar, albeit with some differences:

  • On the bottom meeting controls bar, the “Raise hand” icon is promptly available. Selecting this will activate the feature and inform other attendees.
  • Your turn will be indicated by a hand emoji next to your name in the participant list, although no yellow border will appear around your video or display image as in the desktop version.
  • To retract your request to speak, simply click “Lower Hand” to revert to listener mode.

“Raise Hand” on Mobile Devices

The feature retains uniformity in operation across iPhone and Android platforms:

  • During a call, tap the three-dot menu to uncover meeting options. Here, the “Raise hand” selection is accessible with a simple tap.
  • Upon activation, the feature alerts your fellow attendees, complemented by a distinctive hand emoji on your video feed.
  • When you’re ready to rescind your raised hand status, revisiting the three-dot menu provides the “Lower hand” option to conclude your participation request.


Using the “Raise Hand” feature in Microsoft Teams is a straightforward process across all devices, ensuring your voice can be heard without stepping on conversational toes. Do remember these simple steps for a smoother and more professional meeting experience.


Q: How do I know when it’s my turn to speak after raising my hand in a Teams meeting?

A: The meeting host or current speaker will typically acknowledge participants with raised hands in the order they were signaled, allowing each person their time to speak.

Q: Is there a way to see all participants who have raised their hands during a meeting?

A: Yes, all raised hands will be indicated next to the respective participant’s name in the meeting roster, providing a clear view of everyone waiting to contribute.

In humbly equipping you with this knowledge, we hope to contribute to your continued success in navigating Microsoft Teams meetings with ease and confidence. Share this guidance with peers to elevate your collective virtual collaboration experience.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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