Palworld: How To Increase Capture Rate

Tired of losing Pals? Learn how to maximize your capture rate in Palworld with these expert tips!

To Increase Capture Rate in Palworld, you need to plan ahead and think carefully about a number of factors. To begin, it is very important to know everything there is to know about each creature’s behaviour, habitat, and weaknesses. You can improve your chances of capturing them by learning about their habits and patterns.

You can also greatly improve your chances by using the right tools and equipment, like bait, traps, and tranquillizers. Getting better at catching creatures can also be helped by upgrading your gear and training to improve your skills. Forming partnerships with other players to share resources, tips, and strategies can also be helpful and give you new ideas.

Lastly, you need to be patient and persistent. You may have to try several times before you can catch some animals. By learning more, getting ready, and not giving up, you can improve your capture rate and gather a huge collection of creatures in Palworld video game.

How To Increase Capture Rate in Palworld

  1. Gather Lifmunk Effigies: Search Palworld’s map for shiny green Lifumk Effigies.
  2. Submit Lifmunk Effigies at a Statute of Power to boost your Capture Rate.
  3. Unlock the Statue of Power at level 6 with Technology Points.
  4. Search behind waterfalls, peaks, and ruins for Lifmunk Effigies.
  5. Customize world settings in game Palworld to increase Pal Capture Rate by adjusting the slider to the right.
  6. Accept the creation of a new world to benefit from increased Pal Capture Rate, as existing world settings cannot be changed.
  7. Attack Pals using shock, freeze, burn, and poison effects to increase capture rate.
  8. Utilize Electric, Ice, Fire, and Dark/Grass Pals for initiating status-effect attacks.

Importance of Increasing Capture Rate

  • Getting Strong Pals: The world is full of strong, high-level Pals that you need to capture in order to improve your team’s abilities. You have a better chance of catching these valuable creatures if your capture rate is higher.
  • Efficient use of resources: To capture something, you need Pal Spheres, so if you have a higher success rate, you will use fewer resources and craft less often. You can work on other parts of the game while saving time and materials.
Palworld: How To Increase Capture Rate
  • Strategic Depth: The capture rate makes Palworld’s game more interesting. A higher chance of capture is gained by looking at a Pal’s health, using the right capture tools, and strategically making the target weaker. This makes getting creatures more interesting.
  • Achieving Goals: To complete quests and goals, you often need to capture certain Pals. This process goes more quickly when the capture rate is higher, which helps you reach your goals and make steady progress.

Tips for Improving Capture Rate in Palworld

Get ready for capture:

  • Setting up the world: If you feel comfortable starting over, set up your world with a higher capture rate. This makes your chances twice as good right away.
  • Make powerful spheres. Advanced and Master spheres, as well as higher-tier Pal spheres, greatly boost the rate of capture. Make crafting them a priority.
  • Lifemunk Effigies: Find these green figures all over the world and collect them. Build the Statue of Power and offer them as sacrifices to temporarily increase the rate at which you can capture enemies.

Making Your Target Weaker:

  • Damage is Key: A Pal is easier to catch when its health is low. Fight them to strategically weaken them.
  • Status Effects Matter: Poisoning, freezing, shocking, or freezing your friends before they try to capture you increases your chances even more. Use Pals who have these skills.

Enhancing Palworld Skills and Abilities

Getting trained:

  • Combat: When you fight, your Pals automatically gain levels, which boosts their base stats like attack, defence, and health.
  • Taming: If you successfully tame a wild Pal, your active Pal will gain experience, which will raise its stats.
  • Work: Giving Pals specific tasks, like mining or gathering, makes their skills in those areas better (for example, mining, lumberjacking).

Things used up:

  • Food: Some berries and other foods can temporarily improve your stats or skills.
  • Medicine: Some medicines can permanently raise base stats like defence or health.

Third, the gear:

  • Weapons and Armour: Wearing the right gear increases your damage, defence, and resistance to elements. To learn more about the features and gameplay of Palworld, we recommend checking out the official website.
  • Accessories: Some accessories have passive effects that raise stats or improve skills.


How do I increase my capture rate in Palworld?

The Statue of Power needs to be unlocked and built. You can put this structure on your base for 20 Stone and 10 Paldium Fragments. If you interact with it and give up Lifmunk Effigies, you can greatly increase the rate of capture.

How do you capture pals in Palworld?

The aim here is to lower their HP first before throwing your Pal Sphere. This will increase the probability of capture. Pals can die if you miscalculate your damage output, so make sure you’re always looking at their HP bar. You can increase your catch% chance by throwing a Pal Sphere at a Pal’s back!

How many pals are there in Palworld?

20 February 2024 Update Log: Speed up the Palworld Breeding Combos & Calculator and fixed the combination error. We found a total 138 Pals in Palworld at the moment. check the table below for more details about each pal, which includes the Pal’s Element, Partner Skill, Works for, and Drops etc. background information.

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