How to Install Google Go in Ubuntu

Learn how to install the Go programming language on Ubuntu using either the APT package manager or manual compilation from source code.

That’s how Go, also known as “Golang,” got its start at Google in 2012 as a programming language that mixes ease of use, speed, and efficiency. Go is structured to meet the needs of current software development. In this article we showed how to Install Google Go in Ubuntu.

It focuses on readability and ease of learning, which makes it especially appealing to developers who are moving from other languages. Google wanted Go to make the development process easier for its own projects and to give other programmers a flexible tool. Simply install Go on Ubuntu. Utilize a package manager such as apt or get the binary version from the official Go website.

Utilizing apt makes the installation process easier and guarantees that you have the most recent stable version of Go. It also makes it easier to receive future changes. You usually set environment variables like GOPATH and PATH to allow Go tools and compilation after installing Go. Once Go is installed, developers can use its concurrency features, built-in testing tools, and large standard library to make versatile and scalable apps for many uses.

How to Install Google Go in Ubuntu

Getting Go binary files

  1. Download the latest version of Go by visiting the official download page.
  2. Use curl or wget to retrieve the Go package.
  3. For example, using curl: curl –O
  4. Replace the URL with the appropriate one if you need a different version of Go or a different platform.

Taking things out of the tar.gz file

  1. Use tar to open the package.
  2. Execute the command tar -xvf go1.13.5.linux-amd64.tar.gz to open the downloaded tar.gz file.
  3. Move the extracted files to /usr/local.
  4. Use sudo mv to move /usr/local.
  5. Ensure that the Go package is in /usr/local, which ensures that Go is in your Linux $PATH.

Making plans

  1. Open the package with tar using the command: tar -xvf go1.13.5.linux-amd64.tar.gz.
  2. Move the extracted folder to /usr/local.
  3. Navigate to the /usr/local directory.
  4. Use the mv command to move the Go folder to /usr/local.
  5. Verify that the Go package is now in /usr/local.
  6. Confirm that Go has been added to your Linux $PATH.

Understanding the Importance of Google Go in Ubuntu

  • Going quickly and well: Go is known for how fast and well it works. Similar to C++, it compiles straight to machine code, which means it runs faster than interpreted languages like Python. This could be useful for programs that need low latency or that need to work with big files.
  • Readability and Simplicity: Go puts a lot of emphasis on making code easy to read and simple. It is easier to learn and keep up with than languages with more complicated vocabulary because it is short and clear. This can be very helpful for new writers or projects where people work together.
How to Install Google Go in Ubuntu
  • Speed and Concurrency: Go was made with concurrency in mind. It has lightweight goroutines and channels that make it easy to handle multiple jobs at the same time. This makes it good for making scalable apps that can handle many requests at once. Go their official website for more information.
  • The ecosystem and community are growing. The Go environment is quickly growing, with more libraries and frameworks being made available. People in the Go community are also known for being friendly and helpful, and they offer developers useful tools and support.

Troubleshooting Common Google Go Installation Issues on Ubuntu

See if the installation is already there:

  • Type Bash in a terminal windows that you just opened.
  • version to go
  • Be careful when you use code.
  • There will be a number next to Go if it is installed. Move on to the next step if not.

Put Go in:

  • Change the list of packages:
  • Do sudo bash update apt
  • Be careful when you use code.
  • Set up Use the package manager to do this:
  • Do this: bash sudo apt install golang
  • Be careful when you use code.

Check the installation:

  • Start up a new terminal window to see the changes, and then run:
  • Version of Bash Go
  • Be careful when you use code.
  • You ought to once more see the Go version that was installed.

Tips and Best Practices for Using Google Go on Ubuntu

Getting your space ready:

  • Get an IDE or code editor: VS Code, GoLand, and Gedit are all popular choices.
  • Make a workspace: Figure out where you want to keep your Go projects.
  • Start with the basics: The grammar of Go is clear and to the point. For tutorials and guides, check out the original documentation at

Workflow for development:

  • Do not use any other method to handle dependencies in your Go projects; instead, use go mod.
  • Sort out your code: You can organize your code into sections that can be used again and again by using packages.
  • Check your code: You can write unit tests for your code using the built-in testing tool.
  • Make your code and run it: This is how you build and run your Go programs: go build and go run.


How to use Go install command?

Going through the go install command is very similar to going through the go build command. The only difference is that the go install command puts the executable in the $GOPATH/bin directory instead of the current path or a directory chosen with the -o flag. The following command will show you where your $GOPATH location is: Go to env GOPATH.

How do I install a specific version of Go?

The go install tool lets us download and set up different versions of Go. By typing go install, you will get a shell Go command for that version of Go and install it.

What is go command in Linux?

The Go distribution comes with a command called “go” that downloads, builds, installs, and tests Go commands and files automatically.

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