How to Install Mods In Bonelab: PC and Quest

Learn how to install mods in Bonelab and enhance your gameplay with new characters, levels, weapons, and more!

The popular physics-based virtual reality game Boneworks has spawned a sequel called Bonelab. As was the case with the game’s predecessor, the mods are one of the primary focuses of this iteration. The good news is that Bonelab officially supports a wide variety of mods, all of which can be effortlessly Install Mods In Bonelab on Quest 2 and PC.

The game allows players to create their own unique avatar models, maps, tolls, guns, and other items that can be spawned. The game was designed with the inclusion of mods in mind, allowing players to continue playing even after the main storyline has been finished. Despite the fact that there were some issues during the launch of the game, it still did very well.

What Can You Mod In Bonelab?

If this game is like the last one, there will be a lot of different kinds of mods, from general levels to whole new ways to play. These are some of the things that were changed in Boneworks and will likely be changed in Bonelab too.

  • New Levels
  • Unlocks
  • Texture Packs
  • Character Skins
  • Weapons

How to Install Mods In Bonelab on Quest

  1. Use a USB cable to connect your Quest to your computer.
  2. Make sure your Quest is seen when you open SideQuest.
  3. Choose Add APK from the File menu.
  4. Find the mod APK file and click “Open.”
  5. The mod will be added to your Quest by SideQuest.
  6. After setting up the mod, you can start it from the “Unknown Sources” section of your Quest’s library.

How to Install Mods In Bonelab on PC

  1. Download the mods you want to install. You can find mods for Bonelab on a variety of websites, such as, Nexus Mods, and
  2. Extract the mod files to the Bonelab mods folder. The mods folder is located in the following directory:
%appdata%\LocalLow\Stress Level Zero\BONEWORKS\mods
  1. Launch Bonelab.
  2. Click the Mods button in the main menu.
  3. Select the mods you want to install and click the Install button.
  4. Click the Play button to launch Bonelab with the mods installed.

Benefits of Using Mods in Bonelab

  • Enhanced gameplay: Mods can enhance the gameplay of Bonelab in a variety of ways. For example, mods can add new weapons, enemies, levels, and challenges to the game. Mods can also improve the game’s graphics, physics, and AI.
  • More variety: Mods can add more variety to Bonelab, making it a more replayable experience. For example, mods can add new game modes, maps, and characters to the game. Mods can also change the way the game is played, such as by adding new mechanics or features.
How to Install Mods In Bonelab
  • More creativity: Mods can allow players to be more creative in Bonelab. For example, mods can allow players to create their own levels, maps, and characters. Mods can also allow players to change the way the video game looks and feels.
  • More social: Mods can make Bonelab a more social experience. For example, mods can allow players to play together in cooperative or multiplayer modes. Mods can also allow players to share their creations with other players.
  • Hyper Bonelab: A lot of new things are added to Bonelab by this mod, such as new weapons, enemies, levels, and challenges. It also makes the graphics and physics better.
  • Bonelab Weapons Mod: The Bonelab Weapons Mod adds many new weapons to the game, such as guns, melee weapons, and explosives.
  • Bonelab Characters Mod: This mod adds new characters to the game, such as playable characters, enemies, and non-playable characters (NPCs).
  • Bonelab Levels Mod: This mod adds new levels to the game, such as challenge levels, sandbox levels, and campaign levels.
  • Bonelab Graphics Mod: This mod makes the game look better by improving the graphics.


How do you get bonelab mods on PC?

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, head on over to Visit the page of any mod that interests you by clicking on the link provided; then, on the right side of the screen, click the windows install button (instead of the quest 2/android button); and finally, download the file.

Can you install mods on PC?

Even though console players have had some experience with modding in the past, the PC will continue to be the platform where mods feel most at home. Even if you’ve never done it before, modding a game is a simple process that anyone can pick up. Large collections of user-generated content can be found in mod hubs and official forums respectively.

How do I enable custom mods?

The option to enable custom content and mods can be found under “Game Options > Other > Enable Custom Content and Mods.” You need to restart the game. Launch the game and make sure everything is functioning properly before continuing. Find out how to determine whether or not problems are being caused by mods if you require assistance with troubleshooting.

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