How to Install Plug-ins in Photoshop: 4 steps

Tired of basic filters? Learn how to install Photoshop plugins and unlock a world of creative possibilities!

Although Adobe Photoshop is known for having a lot of features and tools built in, users can make their creative projects even better by adding plug-ins, which are also sometimes called extensions, to the software. These plug-ins are very useful because they add to Photoshop’s features and give users specific tools to speed up work and create a wide range of artistic effects. In this article we will discuss about the how to Install Plug-ins in Photoshop.

The ability to add plug-ins in Photoshop is useful because it lets users make the software do more and change their creative space to fit their tastes and the needs of their projects. Plug-ins give users access to a huge number of extra tools and features that are designed to help them with specific tasks. These can be anything from advanced picture editing techniques to improvements to graphic design.

Whether you want to add new filters, make your process more efficient, or get to special effects, plug-ins are a flexible way to make Photoshop more useful than it was originally designed to be. Additionally, adding plug-ins is a pretty simple process that usually involves downloading the required extension files and putting them in the Photoshop plug-ins folder.

What is a Photoshop Plugin?

An Adobe Photoshop Plugin is an add-on from a third party that gives the Adobe tool extra features or the ability to change photos automatically. You can think of a tool as a small editor or helper that makes it easier to do certain things in Photoshop. Adobe’s website even has an area for plugins and extensions where you can get these extras. These can also be bought from a number of companies who offer plugins. There is a official website where you can find out more.

How to Install Plug-ins in Photoshop

  1. Get the plug-in: Look for a reliable source online and get it. The file type you downloaded should work with your version of Photoshop (.8bf for 32-bit,.dll for 64-bit).
  2. Tap on “Plug-ins” to open it: Pick up Photoshop and go to Edit > Preferences > Plug-ins. This is where your Photoshop plug-ins folder is.
  3. Make a copy of the plug-in. Find “Plug-ins” and copy the.8bf or.dll file that you downloaded.
  4. Start Photoshop again: You have to close and restart Photoshop for it to see the new plug-in.

Productivity Boosters:

  • Luminar AI: This AI-powered plug-in offers intelligent tools for color correction, noise reduction, sharpening, and creative filters, streamlining your editing process.
  • Fluid Mask 3: Effortlessly create precise selections and masks with its advanced edge detection and refinement tools.
How to Install Plug-ins in Photoshop
  • Portfoliobox: Showcase your work directly from Photoshop with customizable online galleries and client management features.

Creative Effects & Filters:

  • Nik Collection: Get a suite of professional filters and effects inspired by classic analog photography tools, including color adjustments, blur effects, and film grain emulation.
  • Alien Skin Exposure X7: Transform your photos with realistic light and film emulation, offering advanced grain control and creative presets.
  • ON1 Effects: Explore a vast library of high-quality filters, textures, and overlays for artistic enhancements and stylized looks.


Why is the plug-in not showing up in Photoshop?

Any of these things could be causing a problem with a plug-in: The plug-in was made for a different version of Photoshop, and it doesn’t work with the one you have now. The plug-in wasn’t put all the way or was installed wrong. There are several copies of the same plug-in installed.

Does Photoshop have plugins?

You can also find a huge number of Photoshop plug-ins at Adobe Exchange, which sorts them by rate and popularity. The Adobe Creative Cloud app is used to add those plug-ins. You can find a lot more plug-ins on the websites of the companies that make them, and then install them without going through Creative Cloud.

What is Photoshop plugin generator?

Generator is a tool for adding on that is based on JavaScript. It is a Node.js app that lets the Photoshop and Generator plug-ins talk to each other. Image Assets is the name of the Generator plug-in that comes with Photoshop. Generator also gives the Export As tool the rules for making assets.

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